Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor
Sajid Nadiadwala
Sabbir Khan
Action, Romance

Baaghi is an action adventure, which in between of oodles of jaw-dropping action spectacles, takes you from the picturesque land of Kerala to the grungy bylanes of Bangkok, and gives you glimpses of the beautiful Krabi Island.  Amid all these kickass sequences and beautiful visuals lies a half-baked plot and a not-so-new love story.

With connotations of the Hindu epic Ramayana, the film derives its plot from the south film Varsham and opens with the kidnapping of Sia (Shraddha Kapoor), a Southern actress, by Raghav Shetty (Sudheer Babu). Her father, Khurrana (Sunil Grover), after realizing that no one is willing to help him get his daughter back, encourages Sia’s film producer to approach Ronnie (Tiger Shroff). Tiger Shroff’s entry scene doing a finger-stand and balancing his whole body, upside-down on only two fingers, is by far the best opening scene for a hero in recent times in Hindi cinema.

One can safely say that the Gen Y Hindi film action hero has arrived. The boy knows his moves and how!!! Those who became a fan of his action moves after seeing Heropanti, let me tell you it was just the trailer. Tiger moves smoothly like butter through the brilliantly choreographed action scenes.  His hard work is clearly visible. But alas, Tiger still has a long way to go before he gets an ‘A’ on his acting and dialogue delivery card as well.

So Ronnie agrees to go and rescue the damsel in distress, not for love, but for money. The movie travels back in time and reveals the reasons why Ronnie’s love for Sia has turned into hatred.
The screenplay, which has too many loopholes. establishes Ronnie as a rebel, who has no purpose in life and has been sent to Guru Ramaswamy’s martial arts academy in Kerala by his dead father. Enroute to his destination, Ronnie meets the rain crazy Sia on the train. Attraction blooms in the midst of a rain dance sequence on the platform, and post few more rain showers, love blooms. 
Ronnie is not the only one who has caught the fancy of Sia’s thumkas on the platform. Unknown to the two love birds, Cupid’s arrow has also struck Raghav’s heart, who happens to be Guru Ramaswamy’s son. The super-rich Raghav, whose yearly turnover is apparently 5000 crores visits, Sia’s dad asking for her hand in marriage. Khurrana is a black sheep, who is greedy for money and conveniently causes a misunderstanding between the two love birds. What ensues is pretty much predictable.

Director Sabbir Khan shows great sense in how to stage fight scenes, which though heavily borrowed from various Korean films, are stylishly put together on-screen — Perfect with slow motions, quick cuts and shifting perspectives. The gritty background track along with Tiger’s coordinated sleek moves further enhances the impact of the action sequences. However, one wishes that the director had focused a bit on building a good screenplay as well.

Shraddha Kapoor is good as Sia and impresses with her martial arts moves, Sudheer Babu as the baddie Raghav makes an impactful debut in Bollywood. Maverick actor Sanjay Mishra and Sunil Grover deliver fine performances.

On the whole, despite its many flaws, the movie does entertain in parts and is worth a watch for Tiger Shroff’s sleek moves.

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  1. Assuming you are form Europe or Australia, we are not egotistical. We haven\'t even seen the movie yet herp derp. You guys just look for any onotrtupipy to criticize us mainly because you are conceded yourself. In fact I\'m American and I plan on joining the US Navy? yet I thought this movie looked ridiculous ever since the first the first trailer.So do me a favor, please don\'t critique us, we are America, and we are not perfect, no nationality is. So please we except you, except us.

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