Ghayal Once Again

Sunny Deol, Rishabh Arora, Nadira Babbar
Dharmendra, Ronak Motla
Sunny Deol
Shaktimaan Talwar, Sagar Pandya

When Sunny Deol “broke” our screens with his power-packed performance in the original Ghayal, we wanted more. And we got what we wished for, albeit many years later, with Ghayal Once Again. But did we get what we really wanted?


The first installment left us with Ajay Mehra, played by Sunny Deol, shooting Balwant Rai, played by the late Amrish Puri. Ajay ends up going to jail. Years later, after his release from custody, Ajay is still tormented by what happened. Ajay is now the chief of a news agency named “Satyakaam”, which constantly tries to uncover the truth. But he finds out soon that his arch rival is the one behind the killing of a fellow journalist, Renu Sharma. Add to the mix another killing. A secret video-tape. And a whole of wrong-doing. How does Ajay deal with these problems this time around?


The editing of this film is just so choppy, it hurts my head. This is Sunny Deol’s very hearty attempt to make a film his own. He gets an “A” for effort but man, are there flaws. What does not work is the fact that we see nothing new in this film. We also see too much happening with too many people at the same time. I could not even keep up with the different characters because the character development for each one was so scarce. Perhaps the entertainment value of the film could have helped the weak storyline if Sunny Deol stuck to his trademark Sunny Deol punches and dialogues – but we didn’t even see that.


While Sunny makes a decent job in enacting his role, because he lets go of all of his trademarks which make him a stand-out star, we’re left with a sense of disappointment. Soha Ali Khan does not have a meaty role so I’m not sure I can even comment on her presence in the film. Om Puri is top-notch. The rest of the cast is nothing special because they have nothing special to work with.


Skip this gore-y attempt to remake a 1990s film in 2016.



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