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Vijay Galani
Vaibhav Misra
Vaibhav Misra

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Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has been around for over 7 years. In its short 7 years, Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has become one of the most prominent media outlets in Toronto today.

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  1. //The reaction canont but set in. As Muslims are being given all this because they have distanced themselves from the rest of us, why should we cling to them?\' the Hindus are bound to ask. On the contrary, we should learn from them. Governments and political parties are pandering to Muslims because the latter have become a bank of votes. We should knit ourselves into a solid bloc also.\'Do you think they need a Pravin Togadia to tell them this? The genuflections of governments and parties write the lesson on the blackboard. And the abuse hurled by secularists drills it in: by the excellent work that Narendra Modi has done for development, he had already made himself the pre-eminent leader of Gujarat; by the abuse they have hurled at him, the secularists, in particular the media, have enlarged his canvas to the country.//That is a very fine piece of writing that i have read in years. The writing is on the wall !Arun shourie is a gem. The mass media in general and the left leaning media in particular should start introspection.

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