One By Two

Listening pleasure is top of the mind for composer trio SEL on this album. Sheher Mera (sung by Thomson Andrews) conjures up Old Hollywood with a number inspired by the jazz of that era. Andrews sounds effortlessly at ease with the number. As does Siddharth Mahadevan on I'm Just Pakoed. You see a different side to Sid with this track, something like you'd expect from an indie rock artist. Feel free to headbang to it if you connect with the quirky angstiness of it.

Then take a breather with the stripped-down Khushfehmiyan Unplugged (Shankar Mahadevan). Grunge is the name of the game with the catchy, hook-filled Kaboom (Anushka Manchanda). It's quirky stuff though doesn't grab you as much as you'd like it to on repeated listening. Baat Kya Hai (Clinton and Dominique Cerejo) is a rare beauty. It hits all the right buttons. Khuda Na Khasta is a song that sees Arijit Singh in a strong suit. He's perfect for this sort of track. With all the right lilts and pauses and the rise and fall of pitch, you realise why he''s such a joy to listen to, as a singer. Khushfehmiyan (Shankar with Siddharth Mahadevan and Alyssa Mendonca on additional vocals) brings the album to close with some brilliant, yet remarkably restrained percussion. There's a lot to like on this album, but we're slightly let down by the lack of variety here.

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