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Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has been around for over 7 years. In its short 7 years, Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has become one of the most prominent media outlets in Toronto today.

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  1. An anonymous coettnmamor well versed with Indian copyright law sends in the following comments:Dear PrashantApropos your comment on how it will work out in practice, three issues need attention:Unlike the Directors who got additional rights as authors on a platter and were not able to present their case before the PSC, the writers have been at it for a long time and recognise their intent with some degree of clarity. Hence, I am confident that they will work out something and break free of the bondage they have been subject to. Of course, this would also mean the end of the close-knit working relationship that the film community revelled in while making some truly great movies in the past - stories abound of how Raj Kapoor would spend time getting the lyrics and scores right with his friends Shailendra and Shankar-Jaikishen duo, or of Dev Anand going to SD Burman to seek his blessings before engaging RD Burman for his movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna. All this has changed and will change even further with more formal contractual relationships. We have to wait and watch to see if Indian movies lose their soul. Not for a moment do I suggest that the old system was necessarily better because without contractual control, it had lost its ability to ensure enforcement of rights and was always susceptible to greed getting the better of good sense. In any case, why should the financial onus of maintaining a \'family-like atmosphere\' devolve on the lyricist-composer-author community alone?The preponderance of black money is major factor in film-making. As a result, the transparent payouts to the lyricist-composer community would increase marginally the dependence on black funds for viability of film-making. This argument has been given by some film-makers under their breath since it cannot be acknowledged. To that extent, some bit of house-cleaning would be carried out. Not a very welcome development for a community that has been notorious for its \'black\' arts.There is a period of adjustment before all the social legislations start to stabilise towards their avowed intent. Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Workmen\'s Compensation Act, etc. are all cases in point whereby it the social intent took a long time to be achieved even partially. Let us see how it pans out in the present case.Just a few observations on the present imbroglio.Best wishes for the New Year

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