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ABCD 2: Any Body Can Dance 2

By BFFC Network Thursday, May 21, 2015 10:12: PM
Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhu Deva, Lauren Gottlieb, Raghav Juyal, Dharmesh Yelande
Siddharth Roy Kapur
Remo D'Souza

Directed by Remo D’Souza, the sequel to ABCD, was promised to be much like the first film: with dance weaving through the storyline to create the plot for the film. Of all people to tell the tale of dancers coming out on top, it is Remo, who himself has anchored himself to become the leading director and choreographer in relation to all things dance. But like many dance films in Hollywood, will this film be high on glam and low on content and story? Let’s see.

The film starts off with Suresh, played by Varun Dhawan, and Vinnie, played by Shraddha Kapoor, being disqualified from a local dance competition because their group, “Mumbai Stunners” has blatantly copied the dance steps and moves of another group. The group since the competition has garnered the reputation of “Cheaters” and the group falls apart. When Suresh realizes that he will need to fight to get his self-respect back, he decides to participate in a dance competition to be held in Las Vegas. When he bumps into an alcoholic by the name of Vishnu, played by Prabhu Deva, he knows he has a sliver of chance. Vishu decides to choreograph for the “Mumbai Stunners” and soon, they are on the way to Vegas. But once they get to Vegas, things take a downhill turn, with Vinnie injuring herself and Vishnu having something else in mind. Will the “Mumbai Stunners” stun and carry on or will they collapse and fall? 

The one thing that Remo gets a standing ovation for right off the bat is bringing up the standards of dance and dance-themed films in Bollywood. What a fantastic way of bringing out the absolute best in not just his dancers, but his actors as well. If Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor could not dance, I would not have been sold. Yet you could just tell that the two were made for the film – whether by nature or by practice. The film is the best dance film in Bollywood to date. There are no qualms in stating that: the luxury, the grandeur, the moves, the choreography, the chemistry within the cast – it’s fantastic.

The film belongs to the lead couple, Varun and Shraddha, because you can just tell that they’ve given their lives and souls to this film. Varun is superb and his dancing prowess does not go unnoticed. And what a package Shraddha turns out to be. Prabhu Deva is such a surprise in terms of moving us with some scenes. The dancers, including Dharmesh, Lauren, Raghav, and Puneet, do extremely well. 

The music of the film is top-notch with superb choreography to accompany it. Amongst the songs, “Sun Saathiya” is definitely a favourite. Overall, this one is a must-watch. 

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