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It is the debut of Jackie Shroff’s son, Tiger Shroff, and believe me, the industry has been talking about this debut for some time. Jackie Shroff is, was, and always will be regarded as a star. His son’s debut comes with huge expectations and so, we have some expectations of the music of his debut film, Heropanti, as well. 


The album starts off with “Rabba” – the vocals for which are done by Mohit Chauhan. This is an absolutely riveting track. The song has a strong essence of love as a religion – that was literally the first thought that crossed my mind and rightly so. The music of the song is melodious and Sajid-Wajid really nail this track down. There is nothing more I can say about this track other than the fact that it is very, very good. 


Next up is “Tabah” and again, we hear the voice of Mohit Chauhan, who makes the song his own. The music is again very melodious as the electric guitar takes over. It has a modern yet old touch to it which makes the song an emotional outing. This song really highlights the true skills of Sajid-Wajid, who have always been known for their good music, but also for their creativity in bringing various sounds together. I’d stay away from the remix version of this song though. 


This is such a treat to listen to – when Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh come together for “Raat Bhar”. Shreya and Arijit come together as voices which have always belonged together. This song really makes me a happy person inside. The vocals are phenomenal and that’s really where the meat of this song lies. 


“The Paapi Song”, written by sung by Raftaar, is okay. I’m not a huge fan of a beat-heavy, non-sensical song in an album in which it seems as though it has no place. However, when the film releases, and this song is perhaps put into context, I may like it then. For now, this Bhangra-type number is not my cup of tea. I’d rather listen to straight Bhangra or straight Bollywood unless the fusion is bang  on – which it hardly is in Bollywood.


“Whistle Baja”, which uses the flute riff from Hero, the 1983 film of Jackie Shroff (see the connection) is interesting. This is again a fusion of the Hindi-Punjabi type song, done by Manj-Nindy Kaur and Raftaar. Again – from my perspective, this is not effective. I wish people would stop experimenting with sounds that don’t belong. Let’s stick to traditional, feel-good music. Please.


“Tere Binaa”, composed and written and sung by Mustafa Zahid, comes right at the end. And it’s not that great, sadly.


So, my take is…the first half of the album is a must-watch. The second-half is a skip. So that averages out to this album being “worth a listen”. I know I have wonderful math skills.


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  1. Hey, that\'s porlfwue. Thanks for the news.

  2. Bollywood (Audio CD) I had been listening to this album non-stop for the past 3 hours.Instantly catnviatipg and enchanting, magic of AR Rahman and this proves that he is the crowned( read oscared) ruler of Music. I didn\'t say ruler of Indian Music deliberately, because I don\'t think the Biebers or Shakiras of the world can ever reach or match the talent that Rahman has displayed over the past two decades.Now coming to the album, as all the Rahman fans know, the ranking of individual tracks changes with each listening, and the below is my ranking as of the moment.1. Sadda Haq Sung by Mohit Chauhan is accompanied by wild guitar from Orianthi. An instant charmer. And this qualifies to be the climax song.2. Hava Hava Mohit Chauhan This has a mediterranean touch or Czech) and the instrumental is the best of Rahman in the recent times.3. Tango For Taj another instrumental4. Kun Fayakun A.R Rahman Qawwali dedicated to Nizamuddin Auliya. Devotional to the last bit.5. Tum Ko Melody sung by Kavita Subramaniam and Mohit Chauhan You might have to listen twice to get the feel.6. Naadaan Parindey sung by Rahman. Now I am in a dilemma over the ranking of this song. When I started writing the review, it was at 6th and on repeated listening, I think it should be the second or third.7. The Meeting place this is a small bit of instrumental with Ranbir Kapur. Again, a short classic.8. Phir se Ud Chala Mohit Chauhan I think its high time we give Mohit a deserving place in the hindi music film industry.9. Kateya Karoon Folk song by Sapna Awasthi and Harshdeep Kaur. I think it has more of an Imtiaz Ali touch than Rahman\'s10. The Dichotomy of Fame Another mesmerizing instrumental.I will review the rankings after a couple of more listenings and then re-rank it as the case maybe I have been an ARR fan since his first movie, and I know its like predicting the stock market. We never know which song is the best till we listen to it at least 5 times. Believe me, I hated Ae Ajnabee Tu Bhi Kabhi Udit Narayan) from Dil Se when I listened to it first time. Same with Sapnay. I never thought Sapnay would be a hit. Now its one of my favourites.

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