Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Ronit Roy, Amrita Singh, Revathy, Shiv Kumar Subramaniam
Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala
Abhishek Varman
Chetan Bhagat
Drama, Romance

When modern day films are still based around marriage and the approval of parents surrounding issues like inter-caste marriage, we wonder if we will find the story relevant, if at all. But 2 States, the book, was loved by all. Why wouldn’t the film be just as successful as Chetan Bhagat’s novel? 


2 States, directed by Abhishek Varman, stars Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor is the title roles. Alia Bhatt plays the role of Ananya, the South Indian girl, and Arjun Kapoor plays the role of Krish, the Punjabi boy. They meet in college, fall in love, engage in romance, and realize they are serious about each other. Now comes the difficult part – convincing the parents. The initial meeting is not what either of them expected. From then on in, both Krish and Ananya struggle through the entire process of going from proposal to the actual wedding.


The novel is reflected quite well in the film. What is refreshing is the same old vision of an inter-caste marriage but told with a new kind of finesse. Director Abhishek Varman brings to light the stress, laughs, and tensions very easily on screen and the raw emotions in each scene are very well depicted. What is very important in this film is the showcasing of two families, who may be right in their minds, but are subtly shown to be wrong. The parents are not demonized – they are simply being parents who want the best for their children. That is what is truly remarkable in this film. 


The film also never becomes preachy. There is no sermon that we are a primitive society that does not allow for inter-caste marriages. But the message is there – if the person your son or daughter wants to marry is a good person, what does culture, tradition, and background matter?


What I love about the film also is the sense of humour that is present in many of the pivotal scenes, especially those involving Krish’s mother, played by Amrita Singh. The interactions between the two families are note-worthy. The entire film is shot well and is a visual treat. The music, although not par excellence, is good when viewed through the film. I would not be surprised if the music increased in popularity after the audience has viewed the film.


Now, the star cast. Arjun Kapoor delivers an almost flawless performance. He is first rate and really brings home the fact that he is not just an angry young man (as depicted through the roles he portrayed in his first three films). Alia Bhatt delivers and how. Her strong yet traditional character floors me completely. She played quite the complex character. Amrita Singh deserves a standing ovation for some of her more humourous scenes but also some of her complex scenes with Ronit Roy. Ronit Roy is likeable in a very strange way. Revathy and Shiv hit dead centre on the target in their roles as Ananya’s parents. Achint Kaur is quite effective.


Overall, a huge, huge must-watch.

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  1. I have a lot to say against the film. Not bsaucee I have a personal vengeance but simply bsaucee I hate any kind of hypocrisy, especially when it comes to art/cinema bsaucee it is very personal to me. Big budget mindless crappy films never hide behind the veil of sensible cinema\' which I respect even if I don\'t agree with its sensibilities but the cinema which projects itself to be sensible and artistic and then copies every good scene from everywhere possible. Not only this, here are few big flaws that film makers didn\'t bother to pay attention to:1. Script. They got too excited with the germ of an idea and then forgot to actually work on a story. There is nothing I take back home. The story starts dragging from the start. Barring few scenes which were lifted from Charlie Chaplin\'s brilliant work, there was nothing worthwhile. No story, nothing.2. Acting. When an actor is playing a character who is much older than the actor, he/she has to work on body language, voice, expressions which ofcourse is of no concern to Indian actors. Except Ranbir Kapoor no one has worked on their character.3. Direction was a big let down. But when almost all important scenes are inspired from multiple films director can only copy them well. The director failed to do even that.4. A central character should grow on other characters in the film along with the audiences. Instead the director solved the problem by saying it in a line. It is cinema, if you want me to fall in love with your character then make me do it don\'t tell me to feel a certain way about him/her.5. Make-up- I couldn\'t help but smile every time Ileana D\'cruz appeared on screen in an old woman\'s get up. No I didn\'t find her cute, I was taken-a-back by the shoddy job of the make-up artist. Old people usually do not have such thick hair, they usually have wrinkles on their faces (unlike Priyanka Chopra\'s face which was devoid of any sign of aging, maybe she used Pond\'s Anti-Age Miracle).6. I like the music of the film. Though the background score is almost a complete lift from Amelie. But once again I would say that I like the songs.7. The end was crappy. The director could have redeemed himself by at least working on the end of the film. The end was so cliche that maybe it stopped being cliche for the film makers and audiences alike.I admire all efforts and I know it is easy to sit back and criticize but I would like to point out that if we don\'t criticize ourselves for the right things we would never improve. I have liked almost all the films of Ranbir barring few and I hoped he had made the right decision with this film. I don\'t want to compare but there has been some really good cinema from Indian Film Industry so don\'t push it back to the talentless, big banner cinema which doesn\'t do anything for individuals or society at large. Cinema is for entertainment and social relevance, all at the same time. It is not either, or. It is both.This is my personal opinion and if people like the film and they chose to overlook certain things then that is the kind of society we would build. There is no good or bad but the choices we make, the decisions we take have an impact on our lives.Congratulations to the team behind Barfi for the commercial success of the film. Cheers!

  2. ileana is of bbb ileana is very sweet exleclent beauty girl, all the best to her for future films, not like burfi, she must act in love stories films, burfi is like sialint movie, ileana is very beautiful actress she must get good love stories films alll the best to her syed vickky from kingdom of saudi arabia

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