Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Pandey, Dhairya Karwa.
Shakun Batra
Much has been said and speculated about Gehraiyaan. Will it glorify infidelity? Will it normalize looking outside of relationships for intimacy? Will it make people question the necessity of long-term relationships? Reviews of the story were out before the film even released, and interestingly, infidelity isn't even necessarily the focal point of the film. So what is it?

Alisha, played by Deepika Padukone, and Zain, played by Siddhant Chaturvedi find peace with each other, whilst being in the midst of chaos. Cue in the waves and you understand the depth of it all. The problem is that Alisha is in a six year relationship with Karan, played by Dhairya Karwa, and Zain is engaged to Alisha's cousin, Tia, played by Ananya Pandey. They find themselves in the middle of the storm, a storm possibly created on their own, but almost in a way that was meant to be or was it?

Shakun Batra goes into a space of not just infidelity but so much more than that. He delves deep into the moments where you are truly vulnerable in front of those you love - and what the world does with your vulnerability. The story is complex and nuanced, and yet simple, when you think about the emotions - but emotions aren't simple. This all sounds like a lot and the writing is a lot. There is a lot to take in and the writing makes you feel again. The cinematography is bang on. The colour palette only adds to that constant mood of anxiety and distress and calm and peace all at once. The sounds are just right.

Deepika Padukone so masterfully plays Alisha, who is fighting demons and battles far beneath the surface of her outer world. She carries on the burden from her mother, unknowing, not necessarily understanding the impact of that world on her life. On the other hand is the very layered, often conflicting Siddhant who truly nails Zain. A pairing I thought was convincing but, it's way more than that. The two are magical onscreen. Their silences are impactful, as are their words. Ananya does well with what she is given, as does Dhairya. 

This one is definitely worthy of a watch, especially if you are looking for something completely unexplored. Despite some ungraceful moments and a twist and turn that may be too much for some, I recommend this one.

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