Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal, Sharat Saxena, and Satyakam Anand.
Amit Masurkar
Sherni is about a new DFO (Divisional Forest Officer) named Vidya, played by Vidya Balan, who is stationed in the forests of Bijaspur but soon finds herself in the turmoil of politics in the midst of trying to do the right thing for the tigers in the forest, and the villagers close by who have seen havoc wreaked in their lives. 

When you have a star who also happens to be one of the most effective actors on screen today, Vidya Balan, you are bound to have sky high expectations. So much of the film, like many of her films, rides on her shoulders given the power she has. Director Amit Masurkar is certainly able to ride that high with her acting prowess, along with the stunning acting cast comprising of some of the best in the business: Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal, Sharat Saxena, and Satyakam Anand.

The story in and of itself is terrific. It is intricate, detailed, and wonderfully works on each character in the film and the way in which they all have their own motives within the larger problem between the forest inhabitants and the villagers. I love how the story reminds us of the real territory that humans have encroached and who is actually boss. It's just wonderful and just so unlike-Bollywood (i.e. the story is devoid of any over-the-top drama, messaging, and yet gets you chilled to the bone). The humour is just a tad bit sarcastic, with the right doses of comedy in normal moments.

I was captured completely (pun intended)...but for the length. I think ten to fifteen minutes less, and you would have had me hooked throughout. A couple of scenes were drawn out unnecessarily and some felt repetitive. Kudos to Vidya Balan to all the work she does, and her writers for smashing the patriarchy subtly or not so subtle, time and time again, with her films.

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