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Amnol Thakeria Dhillon, Jhataleka Malhotra
Taranveer Singh
'm a fan of romantic films. I love happy endings. I love not having to be stressed out when I'm watching a film. So I have that bias going for me when I sat down to watch Tuesdays & Fridays. 
Sia (played by Jhataleka) is a career-driven, fantastic lawyer who gets her job done with precision and efficiency. It's this same precision with which she approves her mother's groom-to-be and approves of this scheme of getting into a relationship with Varun (played by Anmol Thakeria Dhillon). She sets out to win him does she? 

The setting, the cinematography, the costume design, the visuals are stunning. You know you are watching a film that is visually well thought out. The screenplay and direction has honest intentions and its heart is in the right place. Same with our debutantes Jhataleka and Anmol - both attempt this over story earnestly and with tons of love.

What I think would have made this film an absolute winner is a more thorough character development for each person involved - Zoa Morani is stunning in each frame and her friendship with Anmol could have been explored more to make things more complex. Nayan Shukla starts off wonderfully well but I wish her character was more consistently present throughout the film. Anmol's mom appears quite suddenly and her emotional graph skyrockets unexpectedly, and there is little lead up. And the step-sister bit - it all comes and goes and never comes back. That's what I think tends to happens throughout the film - a little more cleanliness and we would have seen beautiful relationships on screen that would have had time to build lather. It would have elongated the run time, but I think it would have done a world of justice to the soul of the film. 

The other thing that could be worked on by the lead pair is dialogue delivery. Both have great potential but will need to keep working hard at their craft. 

As for my general overall feeling for the film - I think people are so involved in crime thrillers and 'real' cinema that this one may be hard for some to stomach. I enjoyed the freshness, the progressiveness, and the sheer heart with which it was made. In fact, just last week, my sister messaged me saying her husband recommended they watch the film together - as he had enjoyed it himself. 
I hope for the best for this team, as each one has great potential and that should be explored more. 

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