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Chuha Billi

By Armin S. Sunday, Feb 17, 2008 01:18: PM
Adah Sharma, Anupria Goenka.
Prasad Kadam

Just over 15 minutes in length in total, Chuha Billi takes place in a single space, and what starts off as a mystery slowly unravels with twists and turns, surprisingly well done, in a short film. 

In this short film, Prasad Kadam is able to layer mystery with chemistry between his two actors, Anupria Goenka and Adah Sharma. His ability to weave in their chemistry through the narrative and dialogue is particularly keen, and I enjoyed watching everything spiral downwards. 

While I wish there was a bit more background provided in relation to each character's back story, I understood generally what had happened with the two characters. Adah Sharma does a wonderful job with what she is given. Anupria Goenka is effective. I still don't understand the issue surrounding social media (not giving anything away as spoilers here) but I'll work with it. This one is a good one. 
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