Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Ahmareen Anjum, Geetanjali Kulkarni.
Rohena Gera

Ashwin (Vivek Gomber) has recently returned from the United States of America. His life has not only changed in terms of geography but also emotionally. His wedding gets cancelled, his work is still not exactly how he hoped it would be; future as he may have once pictured it, isn’t quite going that way. Depression is crawling in and everything is getting more difficult. He has a cushioned life but happiness doesn’t feature in it. On the other hand, his house-help - Ratna (Tilotama Shome) doesn’t have her life chalked out for her, but her optimism cannot be overshadowed.

A widow, with dreams to be an entrepreneur – Ratna’s reality is a struggle. Trying to give her younger sister a better life, and not get too badly snubbed by her employee is all that she concentrates on. Dreams have been long forgotten, but her smile and mischief stays. She might not have it all, but she has much more than what Ashwin’s money can buy him. 

Slowly and steadily, Ratna starts becoming the ray of hope that Ashwin looks forward to at the end of the day and the even the beginning of the next. It is a slow burn that both the protagonists are helpless to ward off. Their love is as reluctant as it is pure.

Rohena Gera is not the first to come up with a love story that channels across different strata of society. From days of Cinderella to Pretty Woman to Sairaat aka Dhadak and so on… We have seen it in every form, with every possible conclusion – yet, Sir becomes special in its quiet, intelligent approach. 

For starters, the cinematographer Dominique Colin mimics the mood of the story so well through his lenses that one cannot help but feel in synchrony with the film. Of course, his impeccable camerawork features a cast that seems completely meshed with the characters they are playing. Vivek with quiet confusion, is endearing but the show stealer is hands down – Tillotama! 

On an invisible tight rope, Ratna brims with cheerfulness, while she has in many ways resigned to her fate. Making Ratna one of the simplest persons and yet the most complicated characters to play. Tillotama’s finesse as an actor is proved through every scene of this film. She might not know her Marathi, but she knows her craft very, very well. She gets in the skin of her character so well that she creates a magic of her own. 

Despite the slow pace, the predictability – Sir makes an endearing watch you will enjoy. So kudos to Rohena Gera for hitting the ace, on her debut. *applause*

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