Bahut Hua Sammaan

Sanjay Mishra, Abhishek Chauhan, Raghav Juyal and Ram Kapoor.
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Ashish Shukla
Sanjay Mishra is a man that can convince me to watch any film, because I think he is one of the most brilliant actors to watch on screen. When I found out about Bahut Hua Samman, I knew I would watch the film because of him. But is this one worth it? 

Bahut Hua Samman focuses on two friends who have failed their engineering year and have not landed any job placements. With money as their main motive, the two friends, Bony (Raghav Juyal) and Fundoo (Abhishek Chauhan) are somehow convinced on a drunken night to rob a bank! By who? A man who speaks a lot of truth for the kind of craze in his eyes - Bakchod Baba played by Sanjay Mishra. Somehow, the film leads through this plan and along come Lovely Singh, who isn't all that lovely at all, played by Ram Kapoor. Nidhi Singh plays Bobbi Tiwari, who plays the cop in these boys' lives.

At the outset, the director does a phenomenal job of laying out character sketches. We know who these people are and their modus operandi. This is key in developing a satirical film with twists and turns. The background score of old songs keeps the audience hooked. The director of photography does a great job of capturing a very real setting - kudos to the art department here.

While there is some predictability and loose ends in the second half of the film, one forgives those few vices for a brilliant film overall. 

Sanjay Mishra is absolutely incredible, once again. There is something endearing about somebody who talks the way his character does and still spits the truth - ideas about consumerism, capitalism, all of it - are well placed throughout the film through him and other characters as the film moves along. Abhishek Chauhan is wonderful and a revelation in this role with his frustrated attitude. Raghav Juyal does a wonderful job with this film - while he has made his mark as an actor in dance films primarily, he has never had the focus quite on himself. He shines in this one. His ability to infuse humour into scenes naturally is a quality not many fresh actors have - but he does. Ram Kapoor is great as is Nidhi Singh. 

This is a well done film for those who like to go off their own scripts. 

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