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Kunal Khemu, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Elnaaz Norouzi, Sandeepa Dhar, Namit Das and others
Zee 5
Ken Ghosh

For those like my who didn’t hear of Abhay (the first season), till the lockdown came about, you needn’t worry.  Abhay 2 is completely engrossing even without having seen the first season. The very first episode completely belongs to Chunky Pandey. The way he is presented, his madness totally creeps you off despite being bizarre. Right when you are reeling with how seemingly simple life can turn around, we move onto the next one, where Bidita Bag plays a prostitute who kills her own clients. There is enough of a backstory to add meat and purpose but it still gives you the chills. The true season begins with the main villain Ram Kapoor’s entry. It is his purpose of getting Abhay to do a few tasks for him that rolls the remaining series…

Abhay 2 is a collection of psycho killers that will collectively make you an insomniac. There is certainly no point in going into details about each and every episode, it should suffice to say that there is a lot of drama, a lot of angst, a lot of madness and a lot of blood. While it is thrilling and a pretty addictive watch, it cannot be seen around children. There are people who like brains, literally in it so you have been warned to keep your mobile blinkered.

The series written by B P Singh completely plays around the audience’s psyche and makes big splash for the Hindi speaking audience. It is obvious that the series is peddling its wears for a select class and does a fantastic job for them. 

The protagonist, Abhay, played Kunal Khemu is pitch perfect. It is obvious that the series are a big break for Kunal, after all his comic capers. Previously his Lootcase on the OTT platform was also highly appreciated but it was yet another comedy. Abhay is different and Kunal does his part well. He plays to the gallery with a subtlety that his fans will definitely love. His way of approaching Abhay has a nice blend of suave yet massy, which is a thin line that Khemu treads effortlessly. 

The major USP of the series is however, having actors like Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Raghav Juyal, Bidita Bag and others in parts we could have never imagined seeing them in. Kudos Ken Ghosh for having the foresight to see them like that.

The background score by Ajay Singha is jarring at times but keeps with the theme. As a crime thriller, Ken Ghosh has done a good job but the plot gets awry after a while, some parts predictable which makes the adrenaline go from soaring to slack. Nevertheless, the series is one of the better things you will see on Zee 5.

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