Bhanumati and Ramakrishna

Salony Luthra, Naveen Chandra
Srikanth Nagothi

I do not always watch non-Hindi or English films and that is primarily because of a language barrier. I have heard a lot about some great content coming from the Tamil and Telugu industry and so I have started to make a concerted effort to watch those films. Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna is one such film that I decided to watch. 

Starring Salony Luthra and Naveen Chandra in lead roles, the film, directed by Srikanth Nagothi, keeps everyone engaged. The best quality of the film is that it gets various points across in relation to societal expectations without being preachy. Bhanumathi is an urbanite in her 30s who is at the receiving end of endless comments/suggestions regarding her love life. As many in their 30s experience, she too experiences the conversations surrounding it being too late for love, time is running out, and her very in-love housemates are a constant reminder to her about the “missing” piece in her life. Ramakrishna also faces the same kind of pressures, but unlike Bhanumathi, who works with zest and wears her vulnerabilities for all to see, Ramakrishna is just an endearing kind of guy. How the two cope with each other at work and build a potential relationship is what the film goes on to explore.

The film is breezy and sensible, and for viewers like me, who generally like feel-good films, it works. For those looking for twists and turns, this film may be slightly too linear but nonetheless, a pleasant watch. Despite there being a couple of continuity errors (hairstyles on Bhanumathi changing while she is at a restaurant), the film works on both a technical and emotional level. The reason is because the characters and their predicaments are real. We are not looking at picturesque surroundings with picture-perfect, glossy make-up and hair. We see two people who could be living in our neighbourhood. 

The movie delivers what it set out to deliver – a film that is enjoyable while tackling unnecessary societal expectations. Salony Luthra is relatable from the outset. She carries the flawed (thank goodness, she is flawed) Bhanumathi well, and completely understands the character graph. Naveen Chandra does a fantastic job of getting Ramakrishna right. The character is endearing. 

All in all, if you are looking for an easy, breezy watch, make sure you watch this one. 

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