Four More Shots Please S2

Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J, Maanvi Gaagro, Prateik, Milind Soman.
Nupur Asthana

Being ME! It is perhaps the most important thing that Nupur Asthana tried to say through her web series Four More Shots Please S1. In S2, she is trying to basically reiterate and reinstate the same. But sometimes, being assertive is tricky. You tend to get repetitive, so will Asthana make the cut?

Season 1 ended at a point where everyone was upset with everyone. The girls were not talking, and life just wasn’t right. Hence seeing Siddhi (Maanvi Gaagro) call Umang (Bani) sets season 2 on a happy-ever-after note, even though Siddhi is weeping and acting suicidal. The locales of Istanbul build the anticipation of seeing the four girls in a new set up. But if virtual travel is all that you have in mind, you might have to quit season 2 post the first episode. Almost as soon as Umang gathers Anjana (Kriti Kulhari) and Damini (Sayani Gupta) to take a trip to Istanbul, they are back again at their favourite joint in Mumbai - Truck Bar and their issues are back with them. Thankfully not the ones they had between each other. 

Like season 1, Anjana is still awkward with her ex-husband (Neil Bhoopalam), she is still a single parent trying to grab a good time whenever possible. Damini is still confused between Jeh (Prateik) and Warsi (Milind Soman), Umang is still very much in love with Samara (Lisa Ray)… the only difference is that Siddhi has taken to pleasing her own sexuality with aplomb. IF that counts as a difference. 

Given, the situations surrounding the girls are pretty much the same, there are some basic differences Asthana has tried to bring about. For instance, Siddhi had a hard time with her mother last season, this season it is her dad that’s giving her a tough time. In other words the script seems to be going in circles for most parts. There is considerable growth in Umang and Samara’s relationship, but because both Bani and Lisa Ray are mediocre actors, it looks very half baked. Unfortunately, the good actors Kriti Kulhari and Sayani Gupta deal with very regular upheaval so their graph remains steady but without any earth shattering moments. Seasoned actors like Prateik and Neil Bhoopalam too haven’t really got much to do in the series which is downright blasphemous given the obvious dearth of talent. Despite all the wasted cast, there are a few additions, namely Prabal Punjabi (who plays Amit, Siddhi’s partner in stand-up comedy and bed), Samir Kochhar (Anjana’s boss and lover) and Shibani Dandekar (who plays Mrs. Boss to Anjana). 

All said and done when you are watching the series, you might find yourself entertained at times, especially watching four women giving you style tips for different sized women to last you your entire month. But the quotient of entertainment is just shell-deep. Given the medium there could have been so much more added in terms of value, which is completely overlooked. Keep that in mind for season 3, Ms. Asthana.

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