Aditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma, Vishwas Kini and others
Created by Imtiaz Ali
Arif Ali, Avinash Das

Bhumi Pardeshi (Aditi Pohankar) lives in a tiny chawl in Mumbai. She believes in being grateful for small things in life, and ignoring reality whenever possible. Since everything one usually takes for granted didn’t add up for her, she prefers not looking deep into life. With her hands full of issues surrounding her; namely an impending divorce and a crude husband who doesn’t want to pay alimony, to an ailing mother and a philandering sister, her only sanity comes from her job as a constable in the police department. But even at work, she prefers staying insipid and works merely for a paycheck so it is a surprise when she gets picked by a senior from Crime Branch, Jason Fernandes (Vishwas Kini) for an espionage assignment to nab a drug lord. Albeit reluctantly, Bhumi finds herself dressed as a prostitute facing Sasya (Vijay Varma) but things start going out of hand even before it even begins. With quick and smart thinking, Sasya is nailed and arrested. But to Sasya, the only person who got him down is Bhumi. Thus begins Bhumi’s unsettling, and nerve-wrecking interactions with Sasya.  When the police figure that Sasya is merely a pawn to a bigger entity called Nayak, Bhumi is called on again…. 

For someone who has been called all kinds of names like ‘unappealing’ and ‘asexual’, bringing men to their knees and even getting one arrested using her sexuality is a high, and a sort of emancipation for Bhumi. But will the pressure of being pushed into the muck, alleviate Bhumi or be her downfall?

The Ali brothers have definitely picked a gripping story but they have merely  scratched the surface on many levels. For instance, there is a detailed conversation in Bhumi’s house almost all the time, but what makes Bhumi so introverted has not been touched. Abused by the husband, she often keeps quiet, avoiding confrontations, then how can she be so outspoken at times in front of others of the male species? The dichotomy is at the verge of schizophrenia in few parts of the script, yet at other times the vulnerability and strength seem charming. 

Though Aditi Pohankar and Vijay Varma have crackling chemistry, it is obvious we will be seeing a lot of Aditi with the mysterious Kishore Kumar G (Nayak) in season 2, and it is something to look forward to. The cinematography is a big plus, though Amit Roy has kept his work simplistic. The background score by Ishaan Chhabra and Gaurang Soni haunts but the greatest strength in She is the casting by Mukesh Chhabra. Be it Vishwas Kini or Kishore Kumar G, Shivani Rangole (Rupa, Bhumi’s sister) or Ajay Jadhav (Mhatre, a constable) Chhabra hits the right note all the time. Aditi Pohankar remains his best find in the series. 

Given season 2 promises a change in dynamics all across in the series, it is certainly something to look forward to.


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