Baaghi 3

Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor
Ahmed Khan

Sometimes I cannot believe there is a franchise for Baaghi, I always thought it was rather mediocre the first time and the second time, yet, it is the third time I sat in a theatre to see Tiger Shroff play Ronnie.

In the third outing, Ronnie’s world revolves around his elder brother Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh). For some reason, Vikram often finds himself in the thick of nasty happenings and it is always Ronnie to the rescue. FYI helpless Vikram is in the police! Anyways, despite Vikram’s inability to protect himself, he is sent on what is supposed to be a crucial assignment in Syria. While it is mostly a desk job, that will take only a couple of days, you know it will be anything but easy on Vikram. The prediction comes true when Vikram is brutally assaulted and kidnapped while his brother Ronnie sees it all through the phone camera. As always, Ronnie rushes to his brother rescue. The only difference is that it is not against a handful of goons but a nation as a whole. 

Wow! *slow applause* clearly Ahmed Khan’s idea of making bigger and better is to make everything larger. So Tiger Shroff’s biceps are bigger than ever, his abs are tauter than ever, his cuts are sharper than ever and of course, the film is more ridiculous than ever. 

The fact that nothing in the film makes any sense, was clearly no one’s priority in the film. Let’s begin with the ladies first. Shraddha Kapoor is a good actress, she can instantly make people fall in love with her and yet, the only thing she does in this film is to get on people’s nerves. Her dialogues are cheap, her diction shrill and she looks positively anorexic. The romance between Tiger and Shraddha is hilarious, unintentionally hilarious. Even in the songs, the two look completely self-involved. There is absolutely no chemistry between them, making you wonder what happened to the charm from Baaghi – the first. Given she hardly as a role in the film.

Moving on to the real romance in the film, which is the BROMANCE between Riteish and Tiger. Though Riteish has pretty much mastered the act of playing the second fiddle to the stars, in this film he leaves everyone confused. What’s with his ‘special’ act, why is he acting like Salman Khan from Tubelight? While we can understand Ronnie kicking butts on his behalf, we cannot understand how did Vikram get to be a police officer in the film. More so why would they send him to Syria? Why didn’t anyone Sajid Nadiadwala that his story has no logic? How come four screenplay writers – Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetrapal, Tasha Bambra, Madhur Sharma get together and write such a wafer thin script? And why couldn’t Vishal Shekar, Bappi Lahiri, Tanishk Bagchi, Sachet-Parampara, Rochak Kohli and Pranaay Rijia not come up with any good original content for the soundtrack?

The questions doesn’t cease, as the logic never makes and appearance in Baaghi 3. But do Tigerians want logic? NO, THEY DON’T? Will they make the film a hit? YES, THEY WILL! The film is already touted to have a bigger opening than Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji. If that doesn’t tell you how loyal Tiger Shroff’s fans are, nothing will! And why now, because if Baaghi 3 has a market, it is only and only because of Tiger.

Tiger Shroff whose look seems to be inspired from Hrithik Roshan’s look in War, looks good and kicks better. It is obvious, both Ahmed Khan and Tiger were only and only concentrating on making this film kickass in terms of its action. Because believe me when I tell you this, that’s all there is to this sloppy cinema. So if you find yourself at a theatre battling fears of deadly viruses and stunted  screenplays, be rest assured you will enjoy the action.

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