Dabangg 3

Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Saiee Manjrekar, Sudeep.

When we first met Chulbul Pandey, we didn’t know what hit us. He confused us, amused us and definitely entertained us. For the first time we saw Salman Khan being something other than Salman Khan. Then Salman Khan decided it is time to make Chulbul get a taste of Salman Khan instead the other way around. Dabangg 2 happened, with a new director! Instantly everything went a nautch higher – item songs included! And subsequently, Chulbul Pandey was not the same anymore…. He was not just a cocksure cop, doing as he pleases! He was ensuring the audience realized that they were having a great time as well, just in case they decided to walk out disappointed. In other words, it was declared a forced hit. Now with Dabangg 3, Salman Khan has decided to not only write a script he deems special but also get his erstwhile partner in crime – Prabhudeva onboard to go full-throttle berserk.

To begin with Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) this time is a high-profile cop, whose Dabangg ways are the talk of the town. The way he handles cases and criminals ensures he is in the news almost all the time. And he definitely loves the spotlight. But life was not always like that, speaking to Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) Pandeyji reminisces the time he first fell in love and thought it was his ever after. Love had come in Chulbul’s life in the name of Khushi (Saiee Manjrekar) Though she was to intended to marry his brother, it was Chulbul who fell in love. The innocence of Khushi, and their sweet love story is short lived because someone else also falls in love with her – Bali Singh! Bali Singh (Sudeep) believes he acquiring everything he wants, and Khushi’s resistance doesn’t stop that. The resultant is a massacre that leaves Khushi and her entire family soaked in their own blood. 

Since then Chulbul has wanted to avenge his girl’s death….  Thus Dabangg 3!

Like most of Bhai’s films, it is in the interest of his audience to not ask too many questions as to why and how did that happen etc… there is heart in the film but no logic. Which can be entertaining sometimes, and Salman Khan knows just how to do it. He ensures he gives his audience some eyecandy and some saucy dialogues to take home too.  Pandeyji signature style is adorable as always but the novelty wore off with the first film so it does look a little forced. What Abhinav Kashyap managed to get Salman Khan to do, somehow neither of the sequels have achieved. Being a little outside his comfort zone kept him on his toes and it really worked in the first outing… but with Salman making Dabangg 3 his home production, writing screenplays and getting his own people onboard write from the Warina Hussain (as an item girl) Kamaal Khan for singing, Sajid Wajid and Arbaaz Khan have been onboard since the first Dabangg itself – Salman has turned the film into his personal play ground and let himself loose.

Yet the third has its own charms for instance, his chemistry with Sonakshi Sinha is more comfortable than it used to be. Of course, with Saiee he does look a little goofy but that could be courtesy the awkward make up and crazy gimmicky acting that stands them apart. For her part, Saiee does well. She has a sweet innocence about her that charms. She might fair better with someone her age. Sudeep too does his part effectively. 

With the dialogues (writers: Dilip Shukla and Aloke Upadhyay), some good music and entertaining action – Dabangg 3 is worth your ticket and pack of popcorn for sure. Salman Khan of course, makes even rush hour traffic to the theatre seem worth the while.

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