Commando 3

Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar
Aditya Datt

No matter what anyone thinks, Vidyut Jamwal is successful in what he does. He has a fan base that could make people jealous, the fact that he has his own movie franchise should be enough to vouch for his star status. With that in mind, let’s see what the third installment of the Commando franchise has for us. 

When you find yourself sitting for a Vidyut Jammwal film, begin by being honest to yourself. You are either a die-hard fan of action films, you are a madly in love with someone who is a die-hard fan of action films or it’s a professional commitment to see every Bollywood film that releases.

For everyone else, Commando is just not the film for you.

The story begins as always with Commando Karanvir Singh Dogra being called into action. Over the last two films it has already been established that he is India's best commando. When crisis calls his is the first name that comes up, for his reliability and intelligence and of course, his brawn! This time around the nation's security has been tipped off about an ongoing conspiracy to wage a communal war.

To curb the conspiracy at the bud, Karanvir has to nab the mastermind behind it. Along with him is Inspector Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma) the lady who promises to bring men to their knees quite literally with her kicks and punches. Their team of two aligns itself with Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) to eliminate the threat to India.

The process of elimination involves a lot of action and no sense at all. The gravity-defying action, the hand-to-hand combat are all breathtaking but once the adrenaline settles disappointment kicks in. 

Within the first few minutes of the film, it is very obvious that Vidyut has tried earnestly to hitch a ride on the ‘patriotic-film' bandwagon. With films like Uri, Raazi etc... the trend’s success cannot be avoided. So manipulating communal distress in the script was a wise move (Take a bow writers Darius Yarmil and Junaid Wasi) unfortunately, that perhaps the only thought through element in the entire film. The storyline, the dialogues, the acting are all absolutely mediocre. The redemption for Commando comes in the form of its action sequences and the song, "Tera Baap Aaya".

Truly Vidyut Jammwal is one of the best we have in terms of action heroes. The action choreography in Commando 3 is superlative. The cinematography by Mark Hamilton and Aditya Datt’s to the point action sequences almost manage the triple dhamaka but is it really enough to keep the audience engrossed for 134 minutes? Absolutely not, especially if the actors are trying look cool but are hamming away to glory. While no one expects Vidyut Jamwal to be on the ball when it comes to the acting department, one cannot help but feel disappointed to see Gulshan Devaiah act as shabbily as his costars in Commando 3.

As for the ladies, Adah Sharma does well in the action sequences but ends up looking more masculine than Vidyut in some places. Angira Dhar tries so hard, it shows. With little grace and no charm, Commando 3 remains ineffective.

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