Motichoor Chaknachoor

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Athiya Shetty.
Debamitra Biswal

The true essence of India lies in its villages. While we were sitting in the cities, thinking we make the genX of India – the heart of our country lies in those who are living a dual existence where their primitive being isn’t too far behind but social media is making them yearn for another life altogether. In a life as confusing, how does love change things? 

Pushpinder (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) has one mission in life, he wants to get married. To any available girl. He doesn’t have a job, but getting a wife is more of a priority for him. As he himself, rather crudely puts it – his only criteria to marry is finding a willing girl. With such little expectations, one would assume Pushpinder would have managed to get married right instantly, but no one seems keen to have him. It is only when his neighbour, Anita (Athiya Shetty) hears that he worked abroad, does she get interested. Like Pushpinder, Anita too has only one small expectation from her suitor – he should be settled abroad. Why you ask? Well, she simply wants to make her friends jealous by sharing photographs from a foreign country. 

With such bizarre and seemingly insignificant expectations, Anita and Pushpinder tie the knot. But Pushpinder doesn’t have his Dubai job anymore….while the truth comes crashing, will happy-ever-after ever be?

When I first saw the trailer of the film, it showed promise but all the jokes in the trailer are all Bhupendra Singh ‘Meghvrat’ incorporated in the entire film. With all the punches already known, there is really little fun in the film. Yet, the film has some sweet ‘small town’ moments which make you smile. With Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the film, one can feel free to assume that the actor will morph into Pushpinder Tyagi without any reservations. Siddiqui has made it his business to act with these young girls are still trying to get their footing in Bollywood and make them look good and sensible for opting for that film. Athiya, in this instance, looks like she has managed to grab herself a box of candy and wants to ensure she relishes every bit of it. She takes to Anita with vengeance. She watches her diction, she has kept her wardrobe in check and even managed to get the body language of the small-town-wannabe pretty correct. 

Yet, the film doesn’t impress at a high note. The small moments are, at times, overshadowed by the predictability of the film. You not only see yourself guessing the plot, but you know exactly how Nawazuddin and Athiya will look approaching the scenes. There is nothing out of the box in the film, not even the casting which is supposedly a coupe. The disappointments trickle onto the music front too. The music – despite the ensemble doesn’t quite manage to give one decent song for the charts. 

Debamitra Biswal who debuts in direction with the film, seems competent but not fancy enough. She does her job, but shies away from making a big statement of any sort.


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