Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

Karan Deol, Sahher Bambba
Sunny Deol

It is a moment of pride and joy when a son fits into his father’s shoe. The problem comes in when the father wore those shoes in 1983, and maybe expecting his son to sport them in 2019


Karan (Karan Deol – why confuse things?) has his own adventure camp, he is one of the popular guys and touted to be pretty steep in his pricing. Like any conscientious vlogger, Sahher (Sahher Bambba – told you, Sunny never liked to confuse things) decides to check him out herself and rate his worthiness. Of course, she goes in with a preconceived notion and ends up falling head, shoulders, knees and toes in love with Karan instead. 


Whether it was the magic of the beautiful locales or the effortless way in which he carries her down a cliff, it is love and the two are basking in it. But no self-respecting love story can ever be without a villain; in Karan and Sahher’s case it is Sahher’s ex-boyfriend, son of a big time politician that tries his best to ruin what’s between the couple. Will he succeed? Will the two have their happy-ever-after… one really needn’t guess.


The big question here is will Sunny Deol’s directorial venture make his eldest son stick in B-town? Karan Deol is the sweetest entrant this year, but he sure isn’t the hottest one. While he manages to nail the action sequences, his awkwardness in romance is endearing but not effective. His hairstyle completely has to change. The look and feel of Karan from Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is a lot like Sunny Deol’s and let’s face it, Sunny has never been the epitome of fashion. The boy’s dialogue delivery needs a lot of work, but his earnestness is tangible and perhaps his greatest strength. 


In comparison to Karan, Sahher seems a lot more confident and sure about her place in the industry. Given the fact that it is Karan who is the industry kid, his father who is directing the film – it sure is telling. The film’s biggest USP are its visuals and songs. Technically this is one of the best that Sunny has come up with thus far. With the likes of Resul Pookutty (Sound Designer) and Ragul Dharuman (Cinematographer), the look and feel of the film doesn’t compromise. It is however the script by Jasvinder Singh Bath and Ravi Shankaran and the editing of the film by Deven Murdeshwar that negatively impacts the entertainment quo at times.


The film is two and half hours long, and starts truly only post interval which isn’t the wisest way to go about when you are launching your son. The mediocre storyline and the half rate editing spells doom for the Deol. Yet, the goodwill and hard work that Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas engages is lovely, and certainly worthy of a round of applause.


All in all, it is certainly one of Sunny’s better works so we are hoping the mediocre script is ignored by the masses. 


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