Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana and others.

If you go for WAR thinking you will be seeing an all-round entertainer, you are mistaken. WAR is all about Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff looking great and doing some unbelievable action scenes – The same like the ones you saw in the trailer and some more. In fact, Vaani Kapoor is also just what you see in the trailer but not more than that… Siddharth Anand’s WAR can never be called anything but honest.

Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) is on the special force, he is what they call India’s best. Being on his team is an honour. An honour that Khalid is vying for secretly because he aspires to be the best and make his mother proud. It is not easy getting in Kabir’s good books because Khalid has a past to put behind first. After initial distrust, the two form an unbreakable bond thanks to their mutual love for mother India. With Kabir as a mentor, Khalid soon finds himself as an officer of undisputable repute.

And yet, one fine day everything changes. Kabir, the pride of India, turns fugitive and ranks on the top of India’s most wanted criminals. Who better than Khalid to bring down the man who has taught him every trick of the trade? What follows is action, action and more breath-taking action.

There are car chases, bike chases, chases on the foot and what more! There are guns firing and bombardments galore – leaving the audience absolutely and completely breathless. There are times you cannot make up your mind who is better, there are times you cannot make up your mind as to who is the good guy and there are times you cannot make up your mind as to why you are seeing this film when it has become so predictable but all in all, you enjoy the ride.

What’s there not to enjoy - you have Hrithik Roshan doing what he does best, there is Tiger Shroff, to add to it, doing what he does best – anyone with the right sense of mind won’t have any complaints. Of course, those few who are expecting some more common sense in script and are not fans of the Abbas Mustan brand of cinema, might have a few loud grudges about WAR. But even the most critical audience won’t find anything objectionable pre-interval. The movie until then goes at a pace that has you reach for the popcorn with alacrity enough to make your dietician swoon. Action films do that, and WAR is at par with the best. The film’s action is really international and keeps the audience at the edge of the seat. The script however is a bit of a disappointment. There are so many ‘kahani mein twists’ that you wonder if the screenplay writers (Siddharth Anand and Abbas Tyrewalla) were in a competition to see who can get the crazier twists into the script. For evidently, all 34567 ones are kept to pacify the writers. If not the accurate number, it sure feels like that many for the audience. 

The few songs that punctuate the action sequences are mediocre, in comparison to the superlative action, appear shoddy. Buck up, Vishal-Shekhar! However, the dancing makes it all worthwhile! The same goes for poor Vaani Kapoor. Her tiny role and song are not the most impressive. The only two people who rock WAR despite all its trials are the protagonists. Both Hrithik and Tiger give more than 100% to the film making it totally paisa wasool. WAR thus is a case-study on what a good casting coup can do for just an above-average film. Hrithik and Tiger take the film to a much higher level and the two will bring in the audiences for sure!

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