Cast: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mandira Bedi, Evelyn Sharma, Mahesh Manjrekar and others

Saaho is not a film, it is a compilation video of the most expensive action sequences seen in Indian cinema. Mind you, costly doesn’t necessarily guarantee entertainment – something everyone will realise after seeing this film.

The plot is pretty simple on paper, though Sujeeth (writer, director) has gone out of his way to make it dizzy and convoluted. Basically the Mumbai police are baffled. Thousands of crores of Rupees have been robbed and no one has any leads. They hit the panic button and call their finest undercover cop (Prabhas). He is a one-man-army who doesn’t care about the carnage he leaves behind. While he is effective, his modus operandi makes him the last resort. The police are suspecting the mob-syndicate of the city of Waaji to be behind the robbery. The city is notorious for the number of criminals it houses. Thus far, the police have not managed to curb the crimes done by the locals of Waaji. But intel suggests that all the wealth encompassed by this mob-syndicate is locked up in a vault. The key to it is the ‘black box’ which is placed somewhere in Mumbai.

The game plan is to acquire the black box and get these hardened criminals to their knees. Of course what ensues is action, action and a more action. And a little romance in the form of crime branch officer Amrita Nair (Shraddha Kapoor). Despite the fact that she is an officer, assigned to a mission Amrita spends most of her time getting jostled and pushed around – not only by her boss but also the man who claims to love her – Saaho! When she is not pushed around, she is inconspicuous. Saaho is all about Saaho only. It is only and only about Prabhas’ action sequences, Prabhas’s physique and unfortunately, his one liners! Sujeeth’s Saaho is nothing beyond Prabhas.

From the very beginning you see Sujeeth’s DC hangover, but Waaji is no Gotham City. Not because Sujeeth didn’t have the funds (350 Crores went into making this film) but the Run Raja Run director simply lacked vision. Bringing in the top grossers to make a mediocre film is something the criminals of Waaji would do….

While visually, there is nothing you can fault in the film (full marks to R Madhi for cinematography), the appalling lack of script is too much of a strain on the viewers. To add to that, the Hindi viewers are subjected atrocious dialogues written by Abbas and Hussain Dala, which is plain shocking. For someone whose work comprises of films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (a films whose dialogues are mouthed even today) to actually write stuff like the people shooting at us are “Fans… Die-hard fans” is barf-worthy. And such atrocity continues throughout the film – the 170 minutes of screen time. The only thing funny about the dialogues is hearing Prabhas mouthing it. In all the 350Crs gone in making the film, one would think they could have spared the man a voice artist.

If money was an issue, they could completely remove all the four girls from the film, including Jacqueline Fernandes who does an item number for the baddies; their presence in the film is absolutely dispensable. If Sujeeth thought having a Shraddha Kapoor or Evelyn Sharma for that matter would make Prabhas look good, he really needs to go back to Kindergarten. Prabhas only looks good bashing the pulp outta the baddies, everything else is redundant. Getting him to do more was a mistake the audience will pay for!


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