Judgementall Hai Kya

Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Amyra Dastur, Jimmy Shergill
Prakash Kovelamudi

Judgementall Hai Kya takes us into the life of Bobby (Kangana Ranaut). Bobby suffers from acute psychosis triggered by a trauma that took place years ago. Even today, she has problems of varied types and differing levels. To keep her ‘issues’ under control, Bobby is under medication. The doctors have assured her that everything will be A-ok, if she takes her medication regularly. Having known what life is within the bounds of a mental hospital, Bobby is trying her best not to tip over the extreme again. There was a time when she was apprehended for attacking a co-worker but today she is a voice artist who aspires to be an actor. Her boyfriend (or someone who is hoping to be her boyfriend) has made some half-hearted attempts at getting her an audition here, a job there but mostly we see the two of them walking the aisles of departmental stores. 


It is made more than obvious that Bobby is reluctant to take the relationship to the next level, telling us more about her disability to trust, than it does about her commitment phobia. Despite her twisted ways, you smile each time Bobby comes onscreen, especially the part where she sets the rules for her new tenants – Keshav (Rajkummar Rao) and his wife, Reema (Amyra Dastur)


Keshav and Reema’s life seems too good to be true and initially Bobby finds herself eyeing them with envy. Soon, the envy turns to disbelief. It cannot be true that someone’s life is so perfect when hers is barely holding up together. 


Her niggling doubt turns into her belief when there is a murder. Bobby suspects the oh-so-perfect Keshav is behind the heinous crime.


By the time Judgementall Hai Kya reaches the interval, you are already at the edge of your seat. You know not everything is as it appears to be, leaving you wondering who did it! 


The film is a treat for anyone who is willing to keep an open mind, and read between the lines. Kanika Dhilon (who plays a small part in the film too) has written a layered script worthy of actors of only Rajkummar and Kangana’s calibre. The parallels drawn between the contemporary narrative and that of mythology draws you into another level of entertainment which leave you baffled and amazed in equal measures. The dialogues of the film are hilarious, some mindboggling tongue-twisters coming your way in this one…  but the credit here goes to those who are mouthing it. 


After Kangana’s ‘adrak ho gaya hai yeh aadmi’ from Tanu Weds Manu 2, Kangana now describes her man as ‘aaloo’, keeping that same matter-of-fact tonality which has become very her. For someone who was once sorely criticised for her dialogue delivery, Kangana has come a long way. Her dialogues are perhaps the best in the film. With her twisted look and crazy hairdos, Kangana steals the show from Rajkummar. Albeit Rajkummar as always gives a pitch perfect performance, Kangana simply does more for the film. It is she who holds the film when it dips a little post interval. 


To give the lead cast company there are the likes of Jimmy Shergill, Hussain Dalal and others, but there isn’t much they leave you with. The same goes for the music. The Wakhra song makes you hope you were listening to the original track. Para Para and the title track aren’t any great shakes either. You don’t mind that though given Prakash Kovelamudi does a splendid job with the film as a whole. He not only tackled the actors with elan, it is obvious that he knows how to take on a layered script like a champ. Here’s looking forward to seeing the husband (Kovelamudi) and wife (Kanika Dhilon) collaborating more often for some world class entertainment.


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