Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Ishita Dutta
Behzad Khambata

A family affair of sorts, with Sunny Deol playing a crucial part and Akshay Kumar being featured in a song but does Simple Kapadia’s son - Karan Kapadia manage to prove his worth?


Hanif (Karan Kapadia) has met with an accident. He is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor finds something rather shocking, the accident ‘victim’ has a bomb attached to his chest. When Hanif wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by police officers. They are expecting answers to questions but he has no recollection of anything. He doesn’t understand how he has got around at the receiving end of their wrath, he doesn’t understand anything – his mind is a complete BLANK!


The Anti-Terrorism Squad officer, SS Dewan (Sunny Deol) who is in charge of the case, finally informs Hanif that he will not get any support from the police because he is a suicide bomber. While the officer is taking Hanif on face value, he doubts Hanif nevertheless. For his part, Hanif cannot begin to comprehend the gravity of the situation because he is himself dealing with his mental limitations. But the time is ticking, if they try to remove the bomb stuck in Hanif’s chest, it will go off, if they keep it there – it will still go off.  Keeping Hanif in remand jeopardizes the lives of many officers. Thus, it has been suggested that Hanif be taken to a secluded place and be killed!


For a man whose mind is a blank, to be killed in cold murder because he doesn’t understand the reasons for the animosity, seems inhuman – yet, he is a sleeper agent and so can be shown no mercy.


If Behzad Khambata had let this script be about human emotions, we could have felt Hanif’s angst, could have related to Dewan’s frustrations. Unfortunately, the director has taken Pradeep Atluri’s concept and turned it into a bit of a social film. Khambata goes into Islamic camps, speaks about how they take kids really young and brainwash them, he goes onto drug issues too, that completely deviates from what the film should have been about.


The dialogues written by Radhika Anand are nice but they do not have that Sunny Deol punch. Mostly that seems intentional, because some of the best sequences of the film are without dialogues.


Ishita Dutta who plays an ATS officer is nice in parts but not very convincing with the gun. Her posture is all too feminine to make her look convincing. There is a combat sequence in which she does decently, though.


The film is mostly all about Dewan and Hanif, of course. While Sunny obviously is on home-ground with his action film past, it is Karan Kapadia who debuts with the film that you find yourself drawn toward.


Karan as Hanif is a match made in heaven, it is obvious that Karan has given his all to the film. He is excellent in the action sequences and his dialogue delivery is also effective. As a debutant, Karan does a nice job and will definitely find himself buried with work soon. It is rather unfortunate that the loose script and cliched writing takes away from making Blank a more celebrated film.

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