Student of the Year 2

Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey, Tara Sutaria, Aditya Seal
Punit Malhotra

WARNING: The film, STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2, doesn't cater to the audience beyond the age of 19, thus the review will stick to the same age group.


So basically mi hommies, it is a big happy day for Rohan (Tiger Shroff) – he has managed to walk out of Pishorimal Chamandas college and enter St. Teresa, where his girlfriend Mia (Tara Sutaria) is studying. He didn’t just walk into the college, he has a scholarship too. So, he is flying high. Though Shreya (Ananya Pandey) is a bane of his life, initially, he is happy to make friends and enjoy the high life! He is loving hanging around with the cool crowd of the cool school. Believing Manav (Aditya Seal) is a dear friend etc…


But the fact is that Manav is getting rather uncomfortable with Rohan stealing his shine, Shreya is all sweet beneath the vinegar and Mia cannot afford to hold hands with Rohan if she needs to win the dance competition she has set her eyes on since she was little….


But the reality check doesn’t come before Rohan gets falsely accused and kicked out of St. Teresa. Going back to Pishorimal with all humility is a setback but Rohan is determined to make it his strength. What begins is a chase to make Manav – a little more Manav (human! #BadJokeAlert)


It doesn’t take a PhD in rocket science or even pharmacy, to know how the film ends, and which of the girls tame the tiger…. So we will get back to dissecting the film technically…


SOTY 2, is a Rohit Shetty version of STUDENT OF THE YEAR. It is far more colourful and definitely has more action. There are songs, and loads of special appearances some perhaps FoC (like that of Alia Bhatt) and some coming at a premium like that of Will Smith. Yet, one wonders why “Dilli Di Kudiya” was not in the film? Why keep the song on hold? Clearly, the filmmakers know that SOTY 2 is no END GAME, that will have school and college kids spending their pocket money on seeing the film again.


Getting back to the hows – the film is pretty linear when it comes to the script, editing and even the dialogues, but one doesn’t need to bother. There are many fashion statements put together by Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey that will see through your first semester of college.


Other than being the next fashionistas, Tara and Ananya are certainly going to make more noise in Bollywood.  These are confident girls who know their strengths and weaknesses well. Unfortunately for Tara, Ananya manages the unthinkable in this film. She actually manages to have some chemistry with Tiger in their songs together which even Alia Bhatt fails to achieve in ‘Hook up…’


As for Tiger, he does what he does throughout the film. His biceps are always taut, his shirts are always snug, his pants more so… and his action is also tight. Which gives Aditya Seal some brownie points because he manages to hold his own against Mr Perfection. 


All in all SOTY 2 is a one-time watch but if you are a parent accompanying your child to the movies… the two and a half hours of run time may get torturous. As will the inanity of the script. There are times when you will want to get up from the theatre, telling Alexa to play JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDER just so that you can show your child a film that can race with heart, rather than glam.

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