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To be fair there is a nice message that’s brought to us in debutant-director Sohail Khan’s film Jai Ho. Unfortunately that message gets muddled by all the violence in the film, trying to turn Salman Khan into a larger than life superhero or by simply dragging out the film’s honest message by shamelessly attempting to attach the audience literally to the film.  Luckily Jai Ho is watchable, thanks, in part, to Salman Khan, who delivers a heartfelt performance.
A remake of the Telugu film, Stalin, Salman Khan plays Jai, an ex-army officer and all around do-gooder. But when an unfortunate tragedy occurs because of people’s general lack of interest towards each other, Jai encourages everyone he helped to repay three strangers with kindness and keep this chain of good deeds going so everyone can help make this world a better place. But when some goons who are affiliated with a political party are beaten down by Jai for harassing his sister Geeta (played by Tabu), matters turn into an ugly full-blown war with a corrupt Home Minister Dashrat Singh (played by Danny Denzongpa) 
Like previous films starring Salman Khan, such as Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, and Dabangg 2, once again we get to see our hero in full action mode, but in Jai Ho he goes above and beyond the call of the duty. In this film our hero can take a bullet to the shoulder, get a knife in his back, at some point take off his shirt to show off his chiselled body and ripped muscles only to pulverize a swarm of bad guys who dare to stand in his way. 
However, what doesn’t work in Jai Ho is the romantic track involving newcomer Daisy Shah as there is no chemistry whatsoever. While she shows that her acting needs to be sharpened up, she does make it up with her dancing skills. Unfortunately it goes down the tube because of the film’s lacklustre songs which is somewhat disappointing because we usually get one or two hit songs in a Salman Khan film. But the worst thing about Jai Ho is that the film will go through any length imaginable to get you emotionally attached. 
From exploiting limbless girls, to showing us beggar children being assaulted, or by watching a young girl commit suicide, the film stops at nothing to make its audience shed some tears. Despite the thankless role, Tabu oozes gracefully as Jai’s sister. But its little Naman Jail, who gets his chance to shine and gets some laughs even though most of the jokes involve ladies’ undergarments. 
Once again it’s up to Salman Khan to carry the film on his shoulders. He roars, romances, sings songs, gives speeches, sheds some tears, and eventually takes his shirt off. It’s a committed performance from a star who gives his heart out to his brother’s film.
I am going with a time-pass for director Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho. If you have some time to spend then watch it for Salman Khan who delivers an earnest performance.


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