Ranveer Singh, Sonu Sood, Sara Ali Khan,
Rohit Shetty
Action Comedy

When you have the director of the film, sitting amongst you all, for a media screening, you can be sure of one thing - The man is certain that he is going to entertain your hats off. With Simmba, a nearing 3 hour feature film, Shetty has given his very best. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment - That's Rohit Shetty and his roaring Simmba for you. 

The film is only and only about Sangram Bhalerao, Simmba (Ranveer Singh) who has always aspired to be a police officer. He has heard and seen the glory of Singham, yet another police officer from Goa (the founding member of Rohit Shetty's cop-saga franchise).  However, as a twist in the tale, we are made aware that Simmba is in it not only for the glory but also for the monies. He loves making a quick buck and doesn't let his conscience dictate his actions. 

All is going well, he is in love (Sara Ali Khan is look-fetching in the film and meets her Simmba,  step for step).  Simmba also has a nice fan following of well-wishers; he calls his sisters, the local goon (Sonu Sood) has made him very comfortable financially so there is nothing Simmba needs though his wants are neverending...However, his comfort and peace is shattered into pieces as he loses his sworn-sister to a brutal sexual assault. 


Nothing is the same anymore! He may have sold his soul to the highest bidder but he can no longer keep his conscience quiet. His first thought is to confront the accused but his past makes it difficult to point fingers at others...

How does Simmba manage to bring justice in a land where he himself has turned a blind eye to many misdemeanors is what takes the film forward. In the two hours forty minutes that you spend sitting in the theatre seats, you see Ranveer Singh displaying a myriad of emotions, each telling you that here's an ace entertainer, who looks good, acts well and sprinkles superstar-dust onto the canvas.

Simmba is a marriage of entertainment and entertainment, in the form of Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh. The two are constantly out doing one another and are extremely attuned to the heartbeat of the masses. Simmba is a case study about how filmmakers and actors could master the craft of manipulation. Neither Shetty, nor Singh show any mercy while manipulating the audience. While Ranveer Singh brings on his madness in the humour sequences, grit in the action and charm in the romance; Rohit Shetty brings on one trump after another in the name of commercial potboilers.

To begin with - Shetty brings in a fresh pair (Khan & Singh), he ensures he taps every aspect of Singh's talent from his vast gamut of acting prowess, he ensures Sara charms the men in the audience while Singh kicks ass on-screen and as the cherry on the top, he brings the big guns Ajay Devgn (Singham) and even the Khiladi himself - Akshay Kumar.

The movie belongs only to the boys (RS & RS) but Shetty ensures that there are enough women bringing in the emotional quotient too. The drama however doesn't concern Sara Ali Khan at all. The dialogues that are the usp of the film have little to offer Khan. After a point, her existence seems inconsequential. Fortunately for Khan, she had plenty to do in Kedarnath. If her first film proved her acting, Simmba will certainly ensure her entry in the 100 crore club with this one.

The film is bound to be success though there are some moments which are excruciatingly over the top. In the bid to double up the entertainment, they missed putting a little heart in the film. Hence oddly enough Simmba despite the overload of ingredients, does not leave much of an after taste.

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