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Himanshu Sharma is a writer whose films we all look forward to; he has brought it upon himself to take the mundane out of the ordinary and make everyone feel special. With Ranjhaana, Tanu Weds Manu and more, his writing has almost always won hearts. So obviously, Zero was his big splash that everyone was awaiting. After all, it doesn’t get bigger than Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood. To add to it, there is Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. But did he deliver under that Herculean pressure?


38 year old Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) is a resident of Meerut (India) Vertically challenged, Bauua believes in taking everything in stride or dumping it on his father’s head. For example, if asked, he might even go onto say that his father is responsible for his stunted stature. Yet, his stature doesn’t bother him as much as one would imagine! And trust me, somewhere in the course of the film, you forget you are seeing a vertically challenged man because there are too many other things about Bauua that catches your interest.


To begin with, he is someone who leaps first and thinks later. He might not have had it easy in life, but he wants it all. Right from beautiful girls to the moon itself. He believes he has fallen in love with Aafiya (Anushka Sharma) - a scientist. Her cerebral palsy might have restricted her to a wheel chair, but Bauua makes her believe in more. His presence in her life brings with it dreams and romance. His disappearance takes it all away as unexpectedly as his appearance.


Why did Bauua disappear? Because he simply wants more in life, and this time more means laying with the stars, more specifically superstars. Babita (Katrina Kaif) is someone who Bauua has always admired. He gets himself in her vicinity by luck and hook and crook. In his own way, he touches Babita’s heart too, only to realise he cannot have ‘magic’ with anyone else other than Aafiya.


So what does Bauua do? Well, he takes a flight and rushes off after Aafiya. Little does he know there is a surprise for him, across the seven seas. This new chapter in Bauua’s life has a lot to do with accepting his mistakes, and making amends as you might have guessed, but are you with him while he takes that road? Unfortunately, NO!


Bauua is easily one of the most complex characters Shah Rukh Khan has played in his career thus far. The thin line between becoming Bauua and simultaneously giving his fans the larger than life superstar experience, is not easy to tread and yet, SRK walks it with very few stumbles. He makes you believe, he makes you forget, he makes you smile but somewhere, he doesn’t make sense! You don’t understand where Bauua gets his carefree attitude from, you do not relate to his passion, neither his logic! How can he just get up and spend 6 lacs at a hotel, in one night? How does he manage to go from Meerut to the moon or rather outer space? How does he land himself a NASA scientist???


We see it all, but it is not believable. Somewhere the logic keeps dodging your reasoning. Despite all these handicaps, seeing Shah Rukh romance is a treat like no other. There are portions stamped with SRK charm that make you go awwww…. But Zero needed more.


Anushka Sharma with correct acting and Katrina Kaif with oomph needed to be more. Himanshu Sharma and Anand L Rai needed to do more. Ajay Atul with their two gorgeous songs, ‘Mere naam tu…’ and ‘Issaqbaazi’ needed to do more with the music. No pun intended but Zero falls short of expectations in almost every aspect of filmmaking.


Given the amount of hope and money riding on this film, Zero makes Christmas look bleak.

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