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Musical Romance

I tried my level best to get into the theatre without prejudices. It was tough. Perhaps because I didn’t see any charisma in Aayush Sharma through the trailers, the thought that he is out there with a film only because he is related to Salman Khan inadvertently crosses your mind. Nevertheless, he did manage to surprise me with his earnest work.


Sushrut (Aayush Sharma) is a fun loving guy, he typically gets excited about everything to do with fun, dance and music festivals that are often a part of every college going student’s ultimate happy-place. While Sushrut is gearing up for Navratri, he never did think he will be finding the love of his life in those days. But Michelle (Warina Hussain) changes everything. It was love at first sight for Sushrut but falling in love is a lot different from actually scoring a girlfriend. Sushrut with able guidance from an elder (Ram Kapoor) decides to make the most of the Navratri days and tries his best to pursue his love. But winning Michelle is not as easy as it seems.


Sushrut soon finds himself in an airplane pursuing the love of his life, across the seven seas. Out here now, Michelle is surrounded by her dad (Ronit Roy) who is as good as security where Sushrut is concerned. How does the small town guy manage to win over the love of his life, is what the film is about!


There is nothing earth-shattering in the film when it comes to the screenplay. The filmmakers have played it super safe, with cute nuances in the love story, some wise dialogues and of course, going overseas and speaking about how there is no place better than India is all inevitable. Yet, nothing in the film is overwhelming or boring. Mostly because the first half takes care of some really nice dance numbers. The few remaining songs are also well placed and fun. The music is composed by Tanishk Bagchi who shot to fame with songs from Badri Ki Dulhania. Given the film has been pegged as a musical, the songs play an integral part in the film.


Every time the narrative slips the music comes to the rescue. And both, Ayush and Warina latch onto it as if it were a lifeguard. Yes, the two blossom in the songs, they dance well and do complete justice to the music. It does look like the music in the film worked like a lifeguard for both the debutants. While both of them still have a long way to go when it comes to their screen presence and diction, when it comes to dancing, both are sorted.


The confidence they exude on the dance floor is somehow missing in the dramatic scenes. Some confrontational scenes between Aayush Sharma and Ronit Roy are such that you cringe seeing Sharma struggle. And yet, it doesn’t look out of place perhaps because Sharma’s character in the film is not some larger than life kind of a guy. He plays a simple guy next door so he cannot be expected to suddenly change his structure and loom over the others in the film. Given the premise of the film, Aayush doesn’t disappoint. Warina too, plays her part perfectly. She comes, she enthrals and she returns, there is nothing memorable neither is there anything distracting about these two debutante actors. They are adequate actors doing their part, diligently. The question now is, is it entertaining? Perhaps not! The music alone cannot hold the audience’s interest for so long, and other than that there is nothing great in the storyline. Though, there might be a lot that college kids might be able to relate to, the filmmakers have decided to stick to the formula and give their debutante actors their quintessential love story.

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