Jackky Bhagnani, Krutika Karmarkar, Neeraj Sood, Pratik Gandhi, Shivan Parekh
Nitin Kakkar
Romantic Comedy

This film is Jackky Bhagnani’s attempt to do what Ranbir Kapoor managed with Wake Up Sid. Of course, the attempt is at his calibre so not many might even guess it, but that is what he is trying to do. So Nitin Kakkar took a script from a successful Telugu film, Pelli Choopulu and turned it around and made it Mitron. Given his reputation with his 2012 hit Filmistaan, Kakkar might have been the one to salvage Bhagnani’s career but how does Jackky fair? Read on…


Jay (Jackky Bhagnani) is a lazy guy with some rather interesting ideas. He comes from a Gujarati family who are desperately wanting to see their son grow up. He has two faithful pals, which has become a requisite in all the movies we see off late, and they all stick to each other and come up with innovative ideas to make money. Because, of course making money is the true success in their eyes.


However, Jay’s family believes ‘settling down’ is what their son needs and tries to get him married. What starts is a spate of awkward family meetings and some fun moments. It is in the arranged marriage milieu that Jay meets Avani (Kritika).


The two start a business together, get friendly while their families are trying to get the two to tie the knot. Where things go from there on… you will see. So we will leave it up to your good intentions whether or not you want to encourage Jackky Bhagnani to make more movies.


The man (yes he started off as a boy and has turned into a man in front of our eyes) has had roughly six odd releases, out of which some have been managed to retrieve the money at the box office, but frankly Bhagnani is not a great actor and certainly doesn’t have the charisma that a star needs. His trials and tribulations at the box office are getting tedious. Even though he is sitting out there and making some honest attempts. It is obvious that Jackky has zoned himself into a space where he wants to be considered a youth icon, but he is not iconic. His mantra which he has repeated in almost everyone of his films – a no gooder who changes the game - is not going to work as an epiphany for his own flagging career. He needs to move beyond or away, soon.


Kritika Karmarkar who has had some decent short films and serials to her credit does a decent job, but somehow there is no chemistry between the two. The love story (which is pivotal) thus fails. Where Nitin Kakkar’s magic can be seen and appreciated are the scenes where we see Jay interact with his father and sometimes with his friends. The Gujarati in the film is funny and effective.


The pun on the title doesn’t come through easily, and makes the film a little tedious. Despite being a rather short film, you end up watching too many instances put together (kind of like a long trailer) and the weave of the story-thread isn’t seamless.


Having said that, they have timed the film perfectly. If nothing we might hear a song or two from the film at the Navratri celebrations, giving an illusion that the film has fared well.

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