Yamla Pagla Deewana Phirr Se

Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Kirti Kharbanda
Navaniat Singh

Sometimes you make a funny film, and the audience loves it so much that you feel compelled to make it again. During the second outing of the Yamlas, the Paglas and the Deewanas, the Deols should have figured out that their first hit was a one off. Instead, here they are working on yet another project with a wafer-thin story, with logic sprinkled so sparingly that one wonders if the writer of the film was as drunk as Chikoo when they wrote it! You don’t know who Chikoo is? Well, read on…


So we have Puran (Sunny Deol) who is an Ayurveda Doctor, he has formulated a drug or rather, Vajra Kawach, which is a miracle medicine. He has cured everything under the sun with it and now has a lot of pharmaceutical companies vying for the Kawach. Given, Puran considers the gift of healing very personal and doesn’t want to sell his patent to the highest bidder, he has a lot of enemies. One among them is a big time pharmacist (Mohan Kapoor) – his company has blurred lines between legal and illegal a long time ago, so he doesn’t think twice about trying to steal the patented Kawach.


With Puran is his brother, a 40 year old bachelor – Kaala (Bobby Deol) the man falls head over heels in love with Chikoo (Kirti Kharbanda) who is a doctor from Surat. Chikoo has come to Amritsar because she wants to know all about the benefits of Ayurveda. Kaala, who instantly falls in love with her, is very heartbroken when Chikoo returns rather abruptly.


However, the Kawach starts getting more publicity when a court case ensues. The crisis brings Puran, Kaala and their lawyer tenant Parmar (Dharmendra) to Surat – right next door to Chikoo. The hamming and forced humour continues now in Surat.


What does not work for the film is the fact that the director has just gone out there and started working. Not because he had such an awesome script but because they had managed to get producers to invest in the film. The film has more producers than actors onboard. And the actors on board and all non-actors. Let us begin with the junior most – Kirti Kharbanda. She is supposed to play an alcoholic doctor. She plays the alcoholic bit so convincingly, that the doctor in her character starts looking bad. She looks pretty throughout the film and does nothing much other than look gorgeous. Not her fault, the actress has always performed when given a chance but clearly this one wasn’t one.


Bobby Deol looks nice in the film too, but screams the audience into partial deafness through the film. In exact contradiction to him is Sunny Deol who plays a silent but fist happy man in the film. After a point one feels he suffers from bipolar disorder, something his Vajra Kawach hasn’t been able to cure. Dharmendra who has little to do in the film is cute as ever, because he is adorable on screen. The honesty with which he works translates through the screen, making him funny, even when the dialogues are not that great.


With the archaic storyline and bad actors, the director has not even bothered investing in good music and decent cinematography. The film look a little like a Rohit Shetty film, which is fluorescent at the wrong times. Given the good hearted Deols tried so hard on this one, it is rather unfortunate that the film is so bad. There is no take away from the film, except perhaps a mild headache.


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