Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi

Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Jassi Gill, Piyush Mishra, Deinzil Smith, Aparshakti Khurrana, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal
Mudassar Aziz

There are many Harpreets in North India, but Mudassar Aziz manages to bring out the maddest of them all. HAPPY PHIRR BHAG JAYEGI, is a senseless comedy but a fun outing at the theatres nonetheless.


Harpreet aka Happy (Sonakshi Sinha) needs to get away from her fiancé, from the thoughts of her father and everything that is familiar. She signs up for a job in China. Unfortunately, at the airport she gets confused with Happy (Diana Penty) who is with her husband Guddu (Ali Fazal), who have come to China to perform at a show.




Soon, Happy (Sinha, you can forget about Penty for a while now) realises the mistake, and is quick to catch onto the circumstances. It is clear that the lady she was mistaken for, was heading for doom, because Chinese goons that have picked her up have some nefarious plans. The only way to save herself is to escape them. While she tries to escape, the Chinese have picked Bagga up (Jimmy Shergil), in his sherwani, depriving him of his chance to wed (again!) and Afridi (Piyush Mishra, from Pakistan).


Now China has a lot of Indians and Pakistanis going around trying to find the right Happy and Guddu. In the meanwhile, Sonakshi manages to escape the goons and bumps into Khushwant Singh (Jassi Gill) who is a Chinese speaking Indian, working at the embassy.


One look at Sinha has Gill and Shergill behaving like fish outta the water, the love soon grows into an awkward triangle, with Piyush Mishra chugging along. Of course, before the Chinese could manage, the awkward foursome find the original Happy and Guddu. The madness expounds.


It is completely true that Mudassar Aziz has not really thought the script through and through. There are bloopers in the logic that even a child might find difficult to accept, but there is nothing that will stop you from having a laugh or two. The credit here goes to the principle cast – Sonakshi Sinha, Jassi Gill and JIMMY SHERGILL! Let’s first speak about Sinha. She has enough to do in the film, despite the songs being less than mediocre. It is a fact that Sohail Sen, the music compose,  doesn’t give a single song that would have pumped the narrative, his grand repertoire of films likes Gunday, Ek Tha Tiger, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – films whose songs are still amongst the best dance numbers, has completely failed this time around.


However, that doesn’t stop Sonakshi from being herself in the film, she is mad and fun most of the times but sometimes her decibels get shrill which is distracting. Worse, she is one of the guys in the film, she doesn’t bring out the chemistry that is supposedly a prerequisite for the mini-love triangle in the script. Speaking of the love triangle, Jassi Gill is adorable, though his character makes no sense at all. Why does he decide to help everyone and go against the consulate when he is a part of the embassy – it’s all hogwash but you will still feel a little flutter for him!


The film completely belongs to Jimmy Shergill, the actor who has already made it a habit to be the best thing in any film he takes up. It doesn’t matter the length of his role, he is just out there to make it his! He has nailed Bagga in a way that no other actor could have. His lines are tacky, but he says it with such a straight face that you end up laughing all the same. He completely robs the limelight of the film. Everyone else in the film is redundant. Ali Fazal and Diana Penty, despite their star-status, are not of much significance here.


With Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, Mudassar Aziz, needs to give Shergill half of his pay-package – for Jimmy completely saved the movie.

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