3 Storeys

Richa Chadda, Renuka Shahane, Pulkit Sharma, Sharman Joshi, Masumeh, Sunny Singh, Ankit Rathi, Aisha Ahmad
Arjun Mukherjee

In a typical Mumbai chawl live people too busy to stop and embrace life.  It is a life we see everyday around us and yet, through 3 STOREYS they have told us just how much of the bigger picture we might be
missing while we let life whizz past us.

Flora (Renunka Shahane) on the surface is a typical cantankerous widow. She is looking to sell a portion of her tiny apartment to (Vilas Naik) Pulkit Sharma. She of course quoted an astronomical figure, laced with questions and more, so she is reasonably stumped because Naik agrees to her conditions. Over a cuppa, conversation flows, and you realise there is more to what appears. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

In the same chawl, there is also Varsha (Masumeh) who has been dealt with a bad hand where marriage is concerned. Being abused in her marriage, she is in a constant struggle when she happens to meet an
old flame.  In the whole chawl, there is only a young couple Malini (Aisha Ahmed) and Suhail (Ankit Rathi) who give you a sense of hope, but this runaway couple is far from happy ever after.  No one knows what to make out of Leela (Richa Chadha) the narrator and the elusive resident of the chawl, but everyone is pretty curious about her. All through the introductions you cannot shake the thought
that there is more coming… unfortunately, the more is quite predictable.

The premise of the film is complicated because human emotions are such. For a first time director, Arjun Mukherjee has tried a lot to make a good film but he has also got wounded up with stereotypes which
make his characters caricature-like at times. It is obvious that he has tried his best to give each character a significant back story, and also manages to create intrigue but the suspense lasts like five minutes which isn’t impressive enough to take home.

He has been ably supported with his cast. Renuka Shahane, once you get over a get up, which makes us as an audience feel like she is a little awkward, but you realise that it is just us who needs to get used to
seeing Shahane in that get up. She gets the diction well too, and leaves us impressed. Pulkit and Richa are also good in their parts. But it is Sharman and Masumeh that make you sigh, in a good way.

The film held a lot of promise, seeing Shahane back, with a strong cast obviously raised the hopes but Arjun didn’t really manage to create the buzz he could have with the script. There are no strong
crutches on which the film will stand, because it already was in a niche bracket, so making it float will be next to impossible, which is a pity! Opportunities don’t come by often and seeing a good one blown
feels unfair.

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