Dil Juunglee

Saqib Saleem, Taapsee Pannu
Aleya Sen
Romantic Comedy

This was a film I was totally looking forward to so it pains me physically to have ended up with a mild headache after seeing this one. Especially since Taapsee and Saqib are two of my fave NEO-actors on the horizon *sigh* So getting to the film…

Sen’s Dil Juunglee begins with two young lovers trying to elope.  Koroli (Taapsee) is madly in love with Sumeet (Saqib) and desperately trying to get to the temple where they will be married and would begin
their happily ever after. After all, Sumeet is her tall-dark-handsome, knight-in-shining-armour all rolled into one. She is a romantic and Sumeet is her dream man. Unfortunately, sometimes dreams shatter, which is what happens when their car meets with an accident. Instead of taking a plunge into their happy-ever-after, they plunged into water, spluttering and trying to gain some land.  Koro looks at Sumeet for help, but her knight in shining armour refuses to help.  Mr. Macho gym instructor fears water! But Koro’s romantic, young heart is broken and now, marriage to a man who refused to come to her rescue seems like a bad, bad idea. Koro walks out on her groom, and moves on.

She tries to forget all about her romantic dreams and ends up working with her rich dad who never really approved about her starry-eyed aspirations of happily-ever-after.  Years down the line, Koro has a better hairstylist and certainly much better designer, and doing mighty well for herself. She is in fact, all set to get married too. But fate throws in Sumeet once again. Not strangers, not lovers…. Koro and Sumeet have an awkward start but eventually, the predictability takes over and we all know how it would end despite both Koro and Sumeet having their fiance and girlfriend waiting for them.


Being worse than Koro in romantic aspirations, these kinds of films would have been a me-time for a person like me but Dil Juunglee didnt do it for me. Aleya really tried too hard, and ruined the effect. When
she’s not forcing ‘clever humour’ into the script, she’s trying to get everyone to act uber cool because suddenly they are in London. Sen has some rather superficial ideas about love and relationships - she
doesn’t bother to scratch beyond the crust of it.

There is nothing about the film that stays with you, not one scene that makes you feel the emotions right in your heart. You don’t feel Koro’s despair in the beginning, you don’t feel Sumeet’s helplessness,
nor do you feel overtly concerned about which way the story will go because you will know that from scene one, if not from the trailers.

The only saving grace of the film are Taapsee and Saqib, despite the thinly layered script they are working on, they really tried their best, which is obvious. Their scenes together are nice, though post
interval there are times you couldn’t be bothered about one way or another, and just hope they get over and done with it, because reading even a Mills and Boons would have been much better than having wasted time with Sen’s idea of romance.

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