Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha, Sunny Nijar
Luv Ranjan

Before anyone judges me for rating this at 3/5, let me tell you...this movie wasn’t made for a mother of two looking for something fun.  It was made for those guys who are still reeling from their first experience in love, still finding their way through gender politics and are patting their backs for reaching third base – so for them, this movie is pretty entertaining, but here’s hoping they don’t get too influenced by Luv Ranjan’s misogynist sense of humour. 

For a fact, Mr. Ranjan has made a dedicated genre for himself which no one seems to be apping with as much vengeance. It sure does look like no one else shares his enthusiasm in this direction. To think he would have mastered it is hardly a surprise but does he bring in freshness? Now that's the question he should have asked himself.

So getting on with what the film is about – Titu (Sunny) loves being in love, he is more often than not in love with the wrong girl. It is left to his chaddi-buddy, Sonu (Kartik) to mend his friend’s broken heart and also, ensure he doesn’t make the same mistakes again. Then comes in Sweety (Nushrat) who is Titu’s ishqwalla-love (I told you this movie is for youngsters, I am just warming up to their lingo).  Not only are things getting serious, they are all set to get married. Everyone is happy except Sonu. Let's remember - this film is a Luv Ranjan film, and he doesn’t have in him to give any grand explanations for Sonu’s gut feeling.  We are just to assume that Sonu simply knows what’s best for his buddy Titu, and Sweety isn’t all that sweet.

What starts is the war of the third wheel. While both Sonu and Sweety are trying to push the other out of the way, the movie runs into 2hours 20mins. There are moments in the film that will make girls cringe, not because it is so misogynist, because it does hit the right notes one some accounts about women and our manipulations. In some, the men will hoot with laughter, because they share the pains of the protagonist. It is all fun but the operative word here is ‘some’.

Most of the dialogues are stuff that we have already seen. Kartik and his monologue stand together nicely but there needed to be more. The humour seems forced in way too many places and there is nothing in the script that needed to go for 2hours 20mins, nope! It would have been better had it been crisper and with a little more meat to chew on. The novelty of seeing a woman-bashing film is lost with movies like PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS and even PYAAR KA PANCHNAMA - the sequels didn’t get anywhere close to the originals because even they didn’t have much to speak of, so perhaps it is time that director Ranjan moves on.

Somehow the whole Kartik-Ranjan-Nushrat along with Sunny now needs a healthy dose of new blood. The premise is getting all too repetitive.


They have one good song – "Bom Diggy Diggy", which will be enough for T-Series to mint money but there were many opportunities wasted. Given the excellent chemistry between the actors, the lack of good music and romance is jarring. All in all, the film could be a fun stress-buster, for pre-exams times but that’s all there is to it. Kartik, no matter what name he goes with for a film, acts exactly the same way he has in all his previous films, and almost seems like the same character is being extended - which is not his fault given the extensions of characters he seems to be playing. The same can be said about Sunny and Nushrat. What’s worse, Luv Ranjan too seems to be doing the very same thing on a rut, without any reservations or thought. My advice, kindly reinvent or retire!

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