Vodka Diaries

Kay Kay Menon,Raima Sen,Mandira Bedi,Sharib Hashmi
Kushal Srivastava

What are the chances of a poetess spouting ‘Crime mein bhi art hai’ while sipping on her drink and her ACP husband being called off to check for murders all that are pointing to a club called ‘Vodka Diaries’? ...Of course, screenplay mein art equally important hai, hence these analogies and very artistic expanse take a lot of the screen time but does, Kushal Srivastava succeed in making artistic cinema - Nope!

Here’s your glimpse of the VODKA DIARIES – ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) has to cut short his vacay with lissom wife, Shikha (Mandira Bedi) when there are series of murders. His assistant Ankit (Sharib Hashmi) and he take off to solve the mystery.  Suddenly in the midst of solving this convoluted murder mystery, Dixit’s wife disappears. What is more baffling is that all those people who were said to be murdered are now alive - Wait, there is more to the film, don’t you dare walk out of the theatres – so basically, everything goes completely out of hand with Shikha still missing and there being no concrete case to solve.  Who is the one who is misleading the cops or is the cop himself who is responsible for what is happening around him? This is what the story is supposed to get around but the two hours it takes to get to the point is a wee bit too much for this arduous story telling.

Vodka Diaries - It is a very bad marriage of big dreams and no resources. We have director Kushal Srivastava trying his best to make a psychological thriller, while the writers are mouthing horrid dialogues to go with the many hallucinations that Srivastava is coming up with. In the midst of all this confusion are very good actors who are not getting their due in Bollywood, which makes Vodka Diaries a misery on a moral level too.


Kay Kay Menon who has often slipped the carpet off my feet with his performances seems completely disinterested in anything but his paycheck. He sleep walks through some of the most glaring imagination that Srivastava could have put his way. Then there is the gorgeous Raima Sen, who bats her eyes and looks like a siren for naught. There is little that her character does and the actor that she is, does lesser. Mandira Bedi has a small role which she fails to make memorable because she is too stiff to actually play a drunk!


My eyes were glued to Sharib Hashmi knowing that he wouldn’t disappoint especially in a comic role and all he has is jokes on the corpse he sees while trailing his zoned out boss, ACP Dixit. Seriously, jokes about how he cannot even say ‘Freeze’ to the dead body he found in the snow is as lame as a writer who sets out robbing a joke from the internet in a lieu of providing comic relief. One cannot help but wish Srivastava would have prompted his uncle, Raju Srivastava to help him with the dialogues of the film because they are truly the death of the script in this film. Even crassy, mass jokes would have been a revelation in this pseudo-psycological thriller. The cinematographer  - Maneesh Chandra Bhatt, works decently but all three heads (Manisha Korde, Sachin Vinod Modi and Kushal Srivastava) couldn’t put their head together to write something remarkable.


The only relief coming forth from VODKA DIARIES, is knowing that you have been given another chance, to get out of the theatres and embrace life.... in other words, Vodka Diaries is boring but not fatal.


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