Aksar 2

Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla, Mohit Madaan, Lillete Dubey
Ananth Narayan Mahadevan

When you get into the theatre to watch Aksar 2, somewhere you are aware of have a nagging feeling of guilt. You know you are not going to watch a great film from the onset of it, so you are already thinking of some clever anecdotes to start the misery of an experience but hey, biases of any kind will be the death of a reviewer. So this review is an earnest effort in stopping an inevitable thought and give Aksar 2 its due.There are people who have worked hard on delivering this, so for them I hoped it was worth their hard work. Unfortunately, through the course of the film, I was back to looking for some clever anecdotes to release me from my misery.



Patrick Sharma (aka Pat) is lethally handsome, and a smooth operator too, he has his boss’ ears and is pretty shameless about being manipulative when the need arises. He is employed by Mrs. Khambatta - who lives alone in a grand mansion and is currently in need of a nurse. Of course, Khambatta had asked for a mature, competent nurse  - but as soon as Pat bats his eyes on Sheena (Zareen Khan) he decides the most prudent way forward was to employ Sheena as the nurse – so that he could have her all for himself.


Except the Khambatta house has many men coming in and out… her driver (Mohit Madan) and her lawyer (S. Srikant) for instance - needless to say Pat has competition. He uses the most unscrupulous method to get Sheena. He asks her to sleep with him in gratitude of the job he offered her.


It is Pat who is in for a shock the next day because Sheena ends up recording their rendezvous and starts blackmailing him. Her boyfriend, Ricky (Abhinav Shukla), too is now breathing fire down Pat's back too and slowly you are made to realize that everyone has an ulterior motive of being under the Khambatta roof.


The script could have held promise if they had the grit and talent to take it to that level - right, Mr. Madhavan? Like everyone in the Khambatta house, each of the actors coming onboard too seemed to have their own mission, their own agendas – fulfilling which took more time and concentration than being true to their respective character. None of them looked convinced, thus they didn’t convince the audience either. Given they were rooting it as a sequel to a film that had been appreciated for its music, it is a pity that Aksar 2 doesn’t have the benefit of that either.


While Zareen does look stunning throughout the film, she completely forgot to act through it. Gautam Rode and other guys too were more conscious about their profile rather than be conscientious of the fact that this movie was their one ticket to Bollywood, and it could have been the one that would have got them back into the game. Myopia often causes death, and for performers it can be the massacre of their career and dreams, with the bigger picture blurry. The film was just an exercise for patience for most of us sitting in the theatre. Pity, because there were so many aspirations attached with it.

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