Jia Aur Jia

Kalki Koechlin, Richa Chadha, Arslan Goni
Howard Rosemeyer

The first commandment of making a film should be – I SHALL NOT CONSIDER MY AUDIENCE DUMB. JIA AUR JIA makers either didn’t think they would have much of an audience, or were too eager to start shooting to have bothered with a decent script. Howard Rosemeyer as a filmmaker has not had a reputation to salivate over, so it should tell you the dearth of scripts that would have propelled Richa Chaddha and Kalki Kochelin towards this half-baked film.

So the Jias (Richa & Kalki) are dumped together on a twin-sharing holiday in Sweden. Of course, why are they on a budget trip, given both don’t look like they are on a shoe-string-budget if you see the way they are dressed (making you realize that actresses might compromise on script but not their looks) -- getting back to the movie. So Jia and Jia are dumped together but not really happy about it, though the happy-go-lucky Jia (Kalki) appears to not notice how uptight and uncomfortable the suave Jia (Chadha) is with her vodka guzzling partner.

Yet, they continue on their journey across Sweden, while they eventually grow comfortable in their friendship, we know there is more to the Jias than meets the eye. Of course, eventually we are told the Happy-go-lucky Jia has a deep sorrow that is pushing her closer to death… while the Suave Jia has her soul crumbling. Wow… as a handle to the title, clever Mr. Rosemeyer writes Liver aur Liver (word play on Jia) so it's hardly a spoiler when I say the film is about liver transplants et al….

In the one and a half hour that we are with the two Jias, the film really drags and has some rather silly one-liners which are supposed to be funny. Of course, the actresses - those of Richa and Kalki’s repute don’t really mess up scenes but this 93 mins advertisement for Sweden tourism is too expensive at the price of a ticket.

The worse thing about the film was that it gave hope, hope for a certain kind of cinema where actors like Richa and Kalki could come together and shoulder a film, something that would perhaps break the clichéd box office opinions and do more for the life of cinema. Using this opportunity as a mere money making chance was stupid and a big disappointment. These movies are the need of the hour, and playing it the way Jia aur Jia did was very unfortunate.

Little homework on liver transplants, loads of script work could have taken the film to a level of tolerance at least….

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