Ranchi Diaries

Himansh Kohli, Soundarya Sharma, Taaha Shah, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Sheirgill
Sattwik Mohanty

Ranchi Diaries is a film about ambition and hope, and a lot of error in judgment. It is all about Gudiyaa (Soundarya Sharma) who despite living in a small insipid town like Ranchi, has dreamt to go beyond the confines of her small town life and become a pop star. With Shakira in her mind and the local politician (Anupam Kher) after her, Gudiya has to move to Jharkhand with her love Manish (Himansh Kohli)

Somewhere in the course of making a career and standing up for their good friend, they end up at a local bank, with the intention to ROB it. Yes, the script is actually as convoluted as that. If this was conceived as a situational comedy, the situations are too forced to be funny. The dialogues are not at all hilarious and other than the seasoned actors, most of the cast keeps losing their accents through the course of the film.

However, the film could have been salvaged had the treatment of the film been upto the mark. Unforuntaely, what the makers of the film assumed to be suave and crisp comedy, ended up neither suave nor comical. In a rather cut and dry manner, the script was narrated through the course of the film and none of the characters got highlighted as a result. If at all you find yourself in the theatres, the most interesting part of the experience might be the popcorn you chomp.

Which is rather unfortunate because the film marks the debut of Soundarya Sharma who came with a lot of promise. While it is clear that she has put in a lot of effort in her performance, the result is rather lukewarm. While the confusion in her character graph should have been the strength of her debut, it turns out to be one of the reasons for the failure of it. The repercussions would be for her to face alone. What should have been a startling transformation, from the girl who sets off to fulfill her dreams of a popstar sensation to someone who ends up attempting to rob a bank – Soundarya’s Gudiya is best described as halfbaked. Throughout Ranchi Diaries one experiences characters who are doing their part, convincingly and yet none leave any impact whatsoever. Himansh Kohli for instance got rather confused in his character between desi and cool.

Given the pitch perfect performances by actors such as Anupam Kher and Jimmy Sheirgill, the lesser experienced actors stand out like sore-thumbs simply because they are not guided as they should have been. With every actor on their own plane, the film looks very disjointed and unappealing.

Unfortunately for Sattwik Mohanty, the blame for disharmony in script lies completely on his shoulder. Mohanty seems to have left his actors to graze the meadow. The editing is nothing out of the ordinary, but then neither is the script. While there are some songs which can be hummed once you are out of the theatre, there is absolutely nothing in the film that gives you your tickets worth.

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