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If you are stupid enough to look for logic or even common sense in JUDWAA 2, clearly you haven’t seen the original JUDWAA. Salman Khan’s JUDWAA was a bizarre script filled with such madness that you came out of the theatres exhausted from laughing. It, of course, didn’t boast of logic but it worked because twenty years ago people didn’t get offended as easily as we do now, times were not as bad as they are today and gross moral turpitude was not a national bane and was restricted to ‘Haveli’ outings. JUDWAA 2 makes you wonder - should they should have changed the basics or should the audience merely roll with the flow.


Since this is a remake of an old film, by the same director – the review would be a li'l more of mark the difference, because let's face it – no one is seeing JUDWAA or JUDWAA 2 as a case-study of how to make cinema more technically sound.


For those who have not seen the original film, Prem and Raja are twins who got separated at birth by an evil man - they have no clue about the other’s existence! One grows up in Mumbai to be a rogue (Raja – Varun Dhawan with long hair) who likes to slap women’s derrieres while the other is a complete introvert (Prem – Varun Dhawan with spectacles) settled in London. It is when Raja is trying to escape some goons that he lands himself in London (In the original film, Prem had come down, clearly the budgets have improved). That’s when he comes face to face with Prem and the confusion begins. 


Of course, keeping with the original they have made the twins NOT bright enough to realize that they should dig into this identical-looking-another’s history. For them it is all about confusing their girls Samara (Taapsee) and Alishka (Jacqueline) and making merry, till the bad guys catch on…


The premise of the film was never meant to stand on logic, so the cake is on your face if you start pointing out the glaring mistakes in the script, beginning with the fimmakers' idea of identical twins and their habits. However, there are some things that could have been treated a little more thoughtfully. Raja was cheap since the times of Mr. Khan but slapping people’s derrieres could have been altered in the new version, as they have altered a few things such as the roles Anupam Kher and Satish Shah played in the original. Having Raja bash up goons for molesting girls while he is slapping their butts wasn’t the smartest move towards equalizing the script.


The above the film is filled with silliness, as predicted, but Varun Dhawan insists on keeping the verve of the film. He is truly what you get when you mix Salman Khan with Govinda. He is hilarious, charming and mad enough to look convinced of his character. His girls do their job well too. After all their job is mostly done by their respective stylists and makeup-hair entourage. Of course, like everyone else, I too was curious to see how Taapsee fits into this frivolous zone and she did more than justice to her role. She was cute and sexy, keeping Jacqueline on her toes throughout the film.


If you are seeing the film to relive your childhood memories – by all means give it go. You will come home and reach out to the internet to see the original film because JUDWAA 2 doesn’t satiate the mad-itch that purple-pants-Khan created with the original. The absolute height of nostalgia was to see Salman and Varun together at the end of the film, but the itch will ease only when you go back to the original, despite the two Dhawans' best effort. 

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