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You cannot shoulder a film on one person… it is a collective affair. There is no taking away from Kangana Ranaut’s brilliance, but SIMRAN served her a raw deal by giving her too much.


Remember BRIDGET JONES? Well, Simran aka Praful Patel’s life (Kangana Ranaut) is somewhat like pages of Renee Zellweger’s diary, except its darker. Cause unlike Bridget Jones, our PP’s issues are multifold and rather twisted like Kangana’s curls. So to begin with, we are in Georgia dealing with a 30 year old divorcee living with her parents. There is no usual teary eyed drama, though of course there is tension in the family due to the daughter’s choices in life. If you think Praful is brimming with gratitude for her parents, you are wrong. She is in fact hoping to move out and live her own life. Except, it is not easy, given Simran is sort of a kleptomaniac and well, she is not really averse to walking the fence when it comes to the law, meaning there are times she is falling over to unlawful side….


However, that comes later. We are at first treated to a rather fun, quirky girl who picks men at the bars with her horrible accent. Funny, cause for someone who has stayed in Georgia for a while, why is Praful’s Hindi/English so accented with her gujju origin. We know Kangana does accents well, but it is not required. It did remind me a lot of Anushka Sharma’s accent in JAB HARRY MET SALLY, which I am sure Kangana wasn’t aiming at. Coming back to the film, and Praful’s tryst at the bars… It is one such bar that changes the fate of this otherwise languid life of Praful.  It happens over a game of baccarat. One thing leads to another and suddenly Praful Patel is robbing banks and leaving notes scribbled with lipsticks and being called the ‘lipstick bandit’…the movie for me started on a downward spiral post interval for many factors. There is little thought being given to some portions of the script and the pace slackens considerably. There is a lot of Kangana and we are not complaining but where is the support she should have had. The script is woman-centric, agreed but there is no one in the film that leaves a mark on you like it happened with Queen and Tanu Weds Manu. Somewhere that does disappoint.


For instance, Praful is supposed to be dating a Mr. Sameer (Sohum Shah). He is obviously a safe candidate to date, he is the kind of reliable marriage-material of sorts, the kind of guy who is as practical as she is willful, Praful is sure to see the prospect in him. The portions when it is obvious that she is hoping he will see the person beyond her flaws is touching and really beautifully executed by Kangana but it takes two to tango, and a helluva lot more to make a film. Hansal Mehta’s decision to concentrate on one thing and forget all else perhaps wasn’t the wisest course of action. In the bargain, you return home with Kangana and her forced brilliance in the film. I say forced, because even portions that could have been a little casual are really high on energy and drama. And beyond Kangana nothing else. I don’t remember one scene which was simply gorgeous, without Kangana overshadowing everything. We love Kangana, but she needs more. 

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