A Gentleman

Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Suniel Shetty
Raj & DK

You must never assume what a Raj - DK film will be about, right when you think you know exactly what their film will look like, they change the game. They did that with Shor In The City, and definitely carried the trend with Go Goa Gone.... Bollywood's first zombie film. However it didn't stop me from assuming they had lost their charm when they took up such a commercial potboiler like A Gentleman...lesson learnt, Raj and DK remain charmingly unpredictable.


Like any other film with the protagonist featuring in a double-role, A Gentleman takes its time to set the pace. They begin by giving us a brief on Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra) who is definitely sundar and appears mighty susheel too. He has the hots for Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandes) who has friend-zoned him simply because he is tooooooo susheel to be fun.


Frustrated with his lack of success in winning over Kavya, Gaurav has resigned himself to a fate where he continues to silently love but not express.


Then there is Rishi, he is equally sunder but far from susheel. He is a hit man who works for Commander Vijay Saxena (Suniel Shetty). As predictable as Gaurav's day and subsequently life gets, Rishi doesn't know where he will be tomorrow. While Gaurav laments his predictability, Rishi has started finding his pace of life tedious. An ocean apart, the identical studs want nothing more than leading each other's life except they have no idea of the other's existence.

The entire story goes into a tizzy when Gaurav from Miami and Rishi from Bangkok both find themselves in Mumbai. The confusion begins post interval and as an audience you are grateful for the momentum to catch...


Returning from Mumbai, Gaurav who has been mistaken for Rishi finds himself followed and threatened back home in Miami. Along with him, Kavya too finds herself sucked into this confusion. The changes and the constant chase changes the equations between Kavya and Gaurav but the madness has only just begin....


While there are moments in the film, especially pre-interval, when you find yourself confused and even restless, the film catches pace and your interest post interval. The script starts coming together, a little late, but the film manages to pack some decent surprises for the audience.


What's amazing is to see Sidharth, who has almost always been touted as a non-actor, has really made an effort to shake that tag off through this film. His body language for both the characters are different and consistent. He also ensures that he charms you despite the confusion all around him. Jacqueline's chemistry with Sidharth is gorgeous, the two look super together and ensure the glam- quo is top notch. But the surprise factor in the film remains Suniel Shetty. He is constrained and entertaining. His dialogue delivery doesn't jar as much either. 


All and all, full points to the director duo for refusing to let a predictable film fall apart in their super vision. Here's hoping the long winded pre-interval doesn't cost them much.


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