Jab Harry Met Sejal

Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma
Imtiaz Ali
Romantic Drama

The journey from being satisfied to reaching bliss… that’s what JAB HARRY MET SEJAL is about. As a typical Imitiaz Ali film, we go through montages of life through Harry aka Harrinder (Shah Rukh Khan). He is a tour guide who has had a decent amount of success in the field.  He gets along just fine in life and if there is something missing, it is nothing to sob rivers over. He digs girls and can charm their…pants off effortlessly.  All this ease goes kaput when Sejal comes back. Yes, Sejal (Anushka Sharma), an effluent gujju girl who returns to Amsterdam to find her engagement ring which she has misplaced on her holiday and what she wants, rather demands is for Harry to help find it for her. What starts off as a reluctant company, grows into being one of the most beautiful relationships either of them have had a chance with… but are all beautiful things met to be forever?


Even as Imtiaz Ali shared the synopsis, it was evident, the journey to find the engagement ring will turn into a journey of a lifetime, where they find more than they have ever hoped to get.  With Shah Rukh Khan in the film, we already knew that the romance factor will be heartwarming and very, very romantic… with Anushka we knew it won’t be an over the top hamming spree and we were right on all counts. The film is exactly how a layman would have predicted it to be… which in turn makes the film lose its zeal. 


Falling in love when you are least expecting, has been Imtiaz’s forte, but he has done it in way too many films already and it is time he does more before predictability takes over creativity. We already know that an Imtiaz film has beautiful sensitivity… but where is the novelty? The only novelty factor was getting Shah Rukh to do an Imitiaz Ali film. While it will help the audience get into the theatres, it will never be enough for them to take a part of the film back with them… No, I am not complaining. I am glad that despite the chaos in the script, we could once again experience the toe-curling romance that only King Khan is capable of… and if romance wasn’t enough, there was always Sharma, bringing a little smile on our face. Full points to Pritam for a fabulous score and K Mohanan for the cinematography.  


With films like SOCHA NA THA, JAB WE MET, ROCKSTAR… HIGHWAY – we are used to expecting a little extra from Imtiaz, but we came out of the theatres feeling like we are seeing a rehash version of Imtiaz’s previous works, only presented with bigger stars! Clearly, it is not our idea of an Imtiaz Ali experience. The audience needs more and deserves more…. While we took planes, trains and buses with Harry and Sejal, we did assume that there would be more to it than just the coming together of great talent. Unfortunately, no one really thought the film through! With so many precious moments, lovely songs and fabulous acting if you forget to tie the loose ends into a knot, the crux of the film will fall through… which is my experience of JAB HARRY MET SEJAL. 

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