Munna Michael

Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nidhhi Agerwal
Eros International, Next Gen Films
Sabbir Khan
Action Dance Drama

If anything, the movie has two things right for it: the dance and the action – beyond that MUNNA MICHAEL leaves you with a mild headache - writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu.


MUNNA MICHAEL begins bringing a smile to your face because after decades you see Michael (Ronit Roy) dancing. He does his bit wonderfully, making you wonder if the film will have a lot of these surprises coming our way.   Somewhere you are waiting to see what the magician Nawazuddin Siddiqui has up his sleeve even as you enter the theatre but my advice to you would be to rein in those hopes...tight. 


The film moves ahead with when dancer Michael has been kicked out of his troupe, walking in a drunken stupor, ends up finding a child in a dustbin. Michael does what any lost soul would have done, in a Bollywood film, cling onto the one thing that might give a little meaning to his life. He adopts the child. A child who later grows up sharing his father’s passion for dancing and love for Michael Jackson! A child who grows up to be MUNNA MICHAEL (Tiger Shroff). The gully ka Michael Jackson. But there is only so much that a dancer can do in the lanes of Mumbai, and Munna needs more. The need for more takes him to the capital where he ends up as a dance instructor to none other than Mahindar Fauji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). All is going well till there comes Dolly (Nidhhi) because both the dancing guru and his student fall for him. It all ends with some crazy dance off and you pray the film ends before you start disliking music (which isn’t really that great in the film)


Where is it that MUNNA MICHAEL fails? Well, it failed to remember that a script, a sensible script is important. No one in their right mind would have Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a dance off.  Yes, Nawaz is a fabulous actor but if you make him look stupid, then that’s how he will look. His disinterest in the film is so evident that it is shocking that Shabbir didn’t caught onto it! Of course, there is Mr. Perfectionist, Tiger Shroff. He does his dance and action so impeccably that it is gorgeous to see. But two hours of seeing Tiger dance isn’t really my idea of a cinematic experience, is it anyone’s idea of it? 


Every other sequence is a dance or an action scene, which is how it is in a dance film but in MUNNA… it only jerks the nonexistent narrative. The characters are not at all shaped well, the whys and how doesn’t matter. Nawaz dancing is a sham, and if Shabbir actually thinks we cannot recognize a body double, he is seriously underestimating his audience. My only sympathies lie with Nidhhi, what a horrible first film experience. To be pushing yourself to match Tiger Shroff’s steps and all that for nothing, for he would rather dance with Nawaz. Shabbir – Tiger has given you a lot of hits, give him a film next time around, will you?

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