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Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Sayani Gupta
Siddharth Roy Kapur, Anurag Basu, Ranbir Kapoor
Anurag Basu
Anurag Basu

Two misfits can make a fitting relationship.  Basu’s JAGGA JASOOS tells you that and more… writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu.


Remember reading the adventures of Famous Five, Tintin and even Nancy Drew, as a child? Hoping you would go out there in the big bad world and find what no one managed to find? JAGGA JASOOS does that to you, through the life of Jagga, a stammering, naïve boy. Since the only way he can communicate coherently with others is by singing his sentences out, Basu has given his musical a legit premise. 



The film starts off with a song which completely sets the pace for the film.  There isn’t much ado about interludes or warming up, you are already in the thick of things, getting swept away with the glorious locales of the sleepy town which makes the urban audience sigh. While we are introduced to Jagga who has outgrown his hostel but still resides there with kids much younger, we sense his unrest, his need to get back in touch with his father, Bagchi who is fondly called Tutie Frutie (Saswata Chatterjee)



Learning about the alleged death of his father changes the whole premise of the film along with its locales. From being a quirky musical, it starts getting into a detective drama which has endearing moments that leave you with a smile. There wasn’t a moment wherein I laughed out loud, but yes, the smile stayed… though, there were moments, when Basu swept that smile off and trickled tears out of our eyes, but that is Basu for you. 



While anyone could have played Jagga’s accomplice Shruti (Katrina Kaif), it is the brilliance of the filmmaker that makes Kaif fit the role perfectly. Not taking away from her hard work, it is a fact that there is nothing that can match Kaif with Kapoor’s acting prowess... making her a clumsy, journalist was half the battle won.



I have nothing but respect for Ranbir Kapoor after seeing JAGGA JASOOS. If you ever thought he was just a pretty face, living it up on his ancestral surname – think again, and think hard. It is obvious that JAGGA JASOOS was a big gamble, there’s an equal chance that the audience won’t take to the film, simply because they might miss the subtle subtext that Basu and Kapoor have been bold enough to keep subtle. There are many points in the script that could have been reiterated by cowardly filmmakers in lieu to provide explanations and simplify the script, but they have refused to do that. They have taken a route that might not be linear but there is not once during the script that you feel restless, which in itself is an accomplishment. Of course, there are snags, some even technical, like the VFX in the ostrich run, which jar your senses more because everything else in the film was so breathtakingly beautiful. However, for someone who has grown up seeing GUPI GAYEN BAGHA BAYEN, JAGGAJASOOS is perhaps something you will force your kids to see just like you might want to them to taste your favourite cuisine, but that doesn’t mean the kids will take to it as gluttonously as you did. JAGGAJASOOS has many special moments, but somewhere it does leave you with a feeling that something went amiss. It could be the lack of romance, or perhaps it could be the 3years it took to make this film that raise the expectations beyond the skies.

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