Dear Maya

Manisha Koirala, Madiha Imam, Shreya Chaudhary.
Sunaina Bhatnagar

Simply to see what a little hope can do, be a part of Dear Maya!

How often do you pass a judgment on someone without knowing them? How often do we write things off without experiencing it? Unfortunately, the fate of DEAR MAYA might be very close to the fate Maya was subjected to, but those who would give the film its due chance will not be disappointed.

DEAR MAYA is a story of a couple of teenage girls Anna (Mahida Imam) and Ira (Shreya Chaudhary). These friends and their abundant energy is not a match for the sedate town of Shimla. At their curious age, they are not going to let the whispers about the crazy, old lady in the creepy, abandoned house keep them from exploring. The intrigue adds when they get to know that a woman Maya Devi who lived in the bungalow hasn’t stepped out for 20 years. Rumours suggest that despite being a gorgeous woman, when she had been of marriageable age, despite her many suitors, she failed to get a proposal from anyone. The lack of love in her life has made her bitter and angry, forcing her to retreat from the world.

Anna and Ira decide to write fake love letters to Maya Devi, pretending to be one of the suitors she met 20 years ago who is still in love with her. Maya Devi is transformed by the letters and decides to sell everything and move to Delhi to meet her suitor. Anna is horrified and wants to go to Maya Devi and confess, but Ira refuses. Anna and Ira have a huge fight, and Anna decides to confess by herself but ultimately chickens out. Maya Devi leaves for Delhi and Anna is overwhelmed with guilt. She confesses to her parents who decide to send Anna away to boarding school, away from Ira. Years later, much older Anna is still haunted by her past actions, she is still looking for Maya Devi. In a desperate attempt she tries getting back in touch with Ira and asks her to help… their reluctant friendship and their Maya connect, changes them for life…

Beautiful on script, and lovely visually too - while there are loopholes in this, the big hearted audience will forgive the debutante director for these...and for Manisha.

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