Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar, Purab Kohli
Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra
Sunhil Sippy

Have you ever thought that life wasn’t going the way it should and perhaps you should take matters in your own hand? Sonakshi Sinha seems to have done just that with NOOR.


Even if you are not an entertainment journalist like yours truly, you will relate to NOOR. She is a contradiction in many ways. She is confident that she deserves more, and yet she has more self-doubt than recommended by WHO. While she has a very strong circle of people she loves around her, her love-life is in shambles… she hasn’t sorted everything out for herself but her heart is in the right place. She is very you, she is very me… she is today’s urban woman with dreams for more. More, in case of Noor, is basically a career that spans beyond interviewing Sunny Leone and want of a hunky boyfriend. While the latter comes by sooner in the form of Ayaan Banerjee (Purab Kohli), the big story comes in the form of her erstwhile maid Malti (Smita Tambe).


It is when the careless, clumsy Noor hits upon the organ-harvesting scam that her world view changes. Of course, it is during this that our very Bridget Jones like heroine gets into a very Erin Brokovich space but Sonakshi Sinha tides it over well. Yes, she gets her big story, but that big break that used to be her purpose in life, no longer is priority! There is a marked change in Noor and her priorities but this change doesn’t come about before she gets a sounding from her editor.


The change in the mood of the film as it shifts from a slice of life space to a social drama, is as difficult to cope with, as it was seeing Noor get into investigative journalism, after being the face of entertainment news. While somewhere the logic might not really sit correctly, Sonakshi does try to make a convincing metamorphosis. Could things be better? Of course! But the film sails through leaving the audience with nothing new but without much to complain about as well.


This isn’t the first time that Sonakshi Sinha is seen shouldering a film. She has tried that before and while both the films were decent, neither AKIRA nor NOOR would be what you call a superhit film. With no mistake on the part of Sonakshi, who looks cute and awkward when she has to, and serene and determined when she needs to be… the film has nothing new to its credit. Though, the songs are pretty upbeat.


We have seen it all before, and yet the good ol’ script is wrapped in a new package, something that UK born, Sunhil Sippy is rather good at. NOOR, in other words, is a film that is a decent watch, with nothing more than a few laughs and one long dialogue. So why is it that we are not in any way complaining? Because it never promised to be more… and whatever little was expected of the film, it delivered! So breathe easy, Sinha and Sippy.  

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